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New to the art world, putting my work on the internet I am new to this art world totally different, than doing exhibitions. It is great to be able to look at other peoples work, and to be able to contact the artist. Looking at different subjects on art and to comment on them.

Not sure if it be better to specialize on one particular subject, as I tend to do lots of different subjects and mediums. Love to explore new things.

Have not long been on Arts Process, put some ...[GOTO]
Janet 3 06 Dec 12 10:37 GMT
Seanon's Greetings to All Before I introduce myself, I would like to wish everyone a blessed season, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, and a Happy New Year (a couple of weeks too early (: ).

My name is Fadwa O. and I am an artist as well as an art teacher. I have taught art in Spain, U.A.E., and now teaching it here in Lebanon (where I am originally from). Throughout my travels I have been exposed to various art schools that follow infinite trends. I am using this i ...[GOTO]
Fadwa 1 12 Dec 09 13:42 GMT
working with music trying to find out ways to express feelings through docuumenting sound,through lines ...[GOTO] Abir 0 23 Jun 09 06:51 IST
About The Artist For Nabakishore Chanda, painting is the spontaneous expression of the creative impulse within him. A self trained artist, this latent ability was unleashed one fine day, when he was urged by a friend to complete a painting he was casually working on. From then on, Nabakishore began his rendition of beautiful, mythopoeic painting dominated by lines and colours.
Born in 1964 on 4th January in a remote village of West Bengal, his emergence as an ...[GOTO]
Nabakishore 0 24 Sep 08 14:03 IST
Bewitching lines
Nabakishore Chanda’s paintings seem to emanate from the earth itself despite the intricacy of lines that seem to dominate them. The pristine quality of the faces that emerge from the lines startle us with their freshness which reminds us of vernal showers at times. On the other hand , a sense of mystery seems to tease us out of thought as we gaze at some of the paintings, perplexed by the serpentine quality of the lines. The subdued colours ...[GOTO]
Nabakishore 0 24 Sep 08 13:54 IST
We are the artists whose names start with 'A'. I came to this site in a roundabout way. Many weeks ago I was searching the web for an artist with whom I had shared space about 30 years ago, in Toronto, Canada. Browsing dozens of directories and indexes, I came to Myartinfo. I clicked on the name Abby Jones. I don't know why - perhaps it was her endearing photo. I discovered that several of her recent paintings reminded me of my own work. Clicking on her 'comments', I came upon the name Hillel ...[GOTO] Arnold 2 18 Apr 08 01:40 IST
Hello everyone. Hello all artists. I've been scanning the sight and the art is wonderful... I will try to comment as much as I can. I recently purchased 6 large new canvas'. Is everyone welcome to the studio updates? I could post my works in progress if there is an interest in seeing how abstract expressionism evolves over time. Let me know all. If you want me to visit your particular portfolio, let me know and I'll take a gander.&n ...[GOTO] Abby 1 08 Mar 08 07:24 GMT
Hello All I'm a Fine Artist from N.W.England. I've lived in rural Scotland for the last 5yrs but I'm moving to Lancaster, England in the next few weeks. I like to think I am a serious artist - art is my life. I've racked my brains to think of a way to describe my art but all I can come up with is that it is just me. I am basically a painter (and "drawer") but I like all visual art. After painting and drawing I'm most interested in textiles or "fibre a ...[GOTO] Anne 13 10 Mar 10 14:41 GMT
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