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The power of words
03 Jan 06 16:15 GMT

I don't know if this translates beyond someone who grew up in an Irish context, but it spoke directly to me:


29 Oct 06 07:44 GMT

In the Japanese context, we have a concept of the soul of words. In other words, words have a soul. It even led to some kind of ancient religion in Japan.  In fact, I think words can make people run, live, perish, encouraged,insane etc. It remind me of a famous song, Power of Love. It is not metaphysical. The Power of Words.  And yet, Japanese traditionally love to express things not in words but by attitude or emotion. Being a Japanese,- - - regrets - - - quite a few that I failed to express in words.


sing mei
22 Apr 10 18:24 IST

I was very touched by your Sicily piece that “reminded of similar scenes in the Ireland of my childhood which were frequent testiment to a history of colonization, poverty and emigration”. As a Chinese person in Canada, it is hard to re-member that my O’Connor and Buchanan friends could have had such experiences. But you are relatives. I’d like to thank you with somebody’s lyrics: LINK

26 Apr 10 22:37 IST

Wow! John-Paul. Things by Dave Lordan - is shocking.
-- Accidentally having come here, and after reading 'mentioned',
my first impressions without thinking a second - it speaks directly to me too,
I do not know exactly, what means russian context and mentality.
Some say it - universality. h... ? Who is not universal? ...
'Dave Lordan' is not only about the same old, same old "to be or not to be", it is about "What am I?" and "What am I for?"
and more than that. It's sincere and brilliant.
T H A N K Y O U , John-Paul ! Realy! Without any challenge, thank you for giving me (us) know it.
I'll ask someone among talented russian poets to make a professional translation, if it is not already done.

- - - - - -

As for "The power of words". If my heart is empty, then I better shut up.
Only 'the pain' and 'the love' is important. They generate questions and real communication.
And maybe I'll get the answers ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

28 Apr 10 19:07 IST

Many thanks for your comment Sing Mei! On the subject of colonization, flags, and youtube; here's one you might enjoy:


Kind Regards

28 Apr 10 19:23 IST

Hi Victor... thanks for sharing your opinion of the work of the poet, Dave Lordan. Actually after I'd posted my original comment some years ago, I visited him at his home in Ireland, and later he came to stay with us for a few days in Rome. I can assure you that he is an extremely interesting character that will surely continue to produce significantly challenging and bold work in the years ahead.

01 May 10 24:00 IST

I, also,would like to support our budding tradition of giving links to some very important things for each of us personally.
Here are a couple of my youth's books, which completely changed me and my life.
"The Kingdom of God is Within You" by Leo Tolstoy
free audiobook
"Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse
free audiobook


I have always been interested in Eastern culture, dreamed
of going through all India, China, Japan, Nepal, etc. They seem to help me learn better myself.

So, KAZUAKI SATO, SING MEI CHAN or anyone else, could you, PLEASE,
point out something important for you, as ' words' (in English).

John-Paul, Is it possible to get the poetry of Dave Lordan as a text and an audio (.MP3 files) together.?
P.S. Meeting interesting personalities, it helps us to avoid our 'Groundhog Day' . I envy you a little.

sing mei
01 May 10 19:03 IST

Victor, Tolstoy and Hesse were among my favourite reads a few decades back too. But perhaps we don't always have to go to the east or the sages? I just happened to run across the name of this K'naan kid from Somalia. His words speak volumes to me. He made me realize the depth of my ignorance; for example, that Somalia was a land of poets, not pirates, and sensitized me to other things like J-P's 'cactus' and the fact that not all white people are as white as others. Here's from K'naan: Any man who knows a thing knows he knows not a damn damn thing at all.

01 May 10 21:20 IST

Of Somali ancestry ( by his grandpa ) was the greatest genius of Russian culture, Alexander Pushkin 1799-1837
He completely changed russian language. He gave simplicity, depth, different tempo, playfulness, expressiveness ...
It is a pity that the translation is not possible to do the same genius as the original


For example, he wrote "The Prophet", "To a Poet"... but people love him ! Why ?...