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Exhibitions/Events Jewish painter born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1974.

During high school he attends the atelier of Maestro Corneliu Baba.
In 1992, he enrols in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest.
Between 1995 – 1996, he exhibits in several Art Galleries in Bucharest.
He carries out the mural painting of the Orthodox church of Urlati, near Bucharest.
Between 1997 – 1999, he lives and exhibits in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.
Between 1999 – 2001, he moves to Germany in order to carry out a work of mural painting upon request in a private house.
Between 2001 – 2004, he lives and works in Spain and Portugal.
At the present time he lives and works in Portugal.
One of his works is on permanent exhibition in the Sa da Costa Library, Lisbon.
In 2004, he collaborated on the making of the documentary film “Novos Lisboetas”, by Serge Tréfaut, Faux/Parc de la Villette, 2003.

In 2004, he founded the first bilingual cultural magazine in Portugal: “DIASPORA”.
In 2005, he founded the publication “LA ORTODOXIA LATINA” and the art magazine “NIRAM ART”.

Selection of exhibitions:

DUQ'S, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2007
Orlando Ribeiro, Lisbon, Portugal, Abril 2007
Cem Medos, Portugal, February 2007
University of Lisbon, Portugal, January 2007
Tivoli, Sintra, Portugal, December 2006.
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, “Essay on Lucidity (adagio)”, Amadora, Portugal, December 2006.
Café Cultural Cem Medos, “Essay on Lucidity (evolution)”, Lisbon November 2006 (Individual)
City Hall of Lisbon, “Essay on Lucidity (genesis)”, October 2006, (Individual)
The University of Lisbon, October 2006, (Individual)
Boavista, “Humanitas”, Lisbon, 2006, (Individual)
Teatro Avento Vigo, Spain, June 2006 (Individual)
Centro Cultural Bohemios, Madrid, Spain, January 2006 (collective)
Cinema Odeon, Berlin, Dezember 2005 (individual)
Centro de Arte Joven, Madrid, Spain, October 2005 (individual)
Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain, March 2005 (collective)
XV Salão da Primavera, Centro Paço dos Arcos, Portugal 2005 (collective)
Sala de Exposiciones de la Consejeria de Cultura, Madrid, Spain, June 2005 (collective)
Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain, November 2005 (individual)
Galeria Sacramento, Lisbon 2002 (individual)
City Hall Coimbra, Portugal 2002 (individual)
City Hall Santarém, Portugal 2002 (individual)
City Hall Fundão, Portugal 2002 (individual)
Armazéns do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal 2001 (individual)
City Hall Lisbon, Portugal 2001 (collective)
Livraria Sá da Costa (in permanent exhibition), Lisbon, Portugal
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, February 2000 (individual)
City Hall of Koln, Germany, August de 2000 (collective)
Stadtbibliothek Koln, Germany, Setembro de 1999 (individual)
Tacheles, Berlin, Germany, April de 1998 (collective)
Istanbul, Turkey, 1997 (individual)
Bucharest, 1995 (individual)

Publications Press Reviews

Television and films:

Sic, Portugal, January 2007
Tvr International, Romania, 2006
Tvr Cultural, Romania, 2006
ProTV – “Caravana ProTv”, Romania, 2006
RTP2, Interview, Portugal, April 2004
SIC, Interview, Portugal, July 2004
“Novos Lisboetas” – collaboration on the film directed by Sérge Tréfaut, Faux / Parque de la Villette, Portugal, 2003


Dicionário Temático da Lusofonia - Texto Editores, Lisboa, Portugal, 2005
2007 Daily Art Sci-Fi / Fantasy Calendar, Artslam, U.S.A.

Newspapers and Magazines:

Lumea Magazin, Bucharest, May 2007
Altermedia, Bucharest, April 2007
Observatorul, Toronto, April 2007
Agero, Stuttgart, Germany, March 2007
Adevarul Literar si Artistic, Romania, March 2007
Epoch Times Romania, USA, March 2007
Blanca, Romania, March 2007
Român in Lume, Madrid, Spain, February 2007
Niram Art, Nº 7, Madrid, Spain, February 2007
Cultura, Bucharest, January 2007
Almiar, Margen Cero, Spain, December 2006
IPL Noticias, Portugal, December 2006
Agero, Stuttgart, Germany, November 2006
Acropolis, Romania, November 2006
Tertulia José Saramago, Spain, November 2006
Revista Tokland, Spain, November, 2006
Niram Art, Nº 6, Madrid, Spain, November / December 2006
The Epoch Times, U.S.A. November 2006
Observatorul, Toronto, Canada, 10.29.2006
Jurnalul de Est, Iasi, Romania, November 2006
Ziua, Romania, November 2006
Blanca, Romania, November 2006
Buletinul, Sydney, Australia, September 2006
Origini, Madrid, Spain, September 2006
Român in Lume, Madrid, Spain, September 2006
Sisif, Craiova, Romania, Nº 15, September 2006
Tomis, Constanta, Romania, August 2006
Críticanarede, Portugal, 19.08.2006
Egophobia, Nº12, Romania, August 2006
Cultura, The Romanian Foundation for Culture Magazine, Bucharest, Romania 03.08.2006
Blanca, Romania, July 2006
Lumea Magazin, Nº 7, Romania, July 2006
Críticanarede, Portugal, 12.06.2006
Acropolis, Nº 8, Romania, 9.06.2006
Timpul, Nº 89, Romania, May 2006, entirely illustrated with paintings by Romeo Niram
Observatorul, Toronto, Canada, May 2006
Diaspora, Nº 2, 1, Lisbon, Portugal, 2004
Nine o´Clock, Nº 3228, Romania, 03.08.2004

Galleries/Agents Defeses Fine Arts
Email Address defesesfinearts[AT]
Nationality Israel
Date of birth 04.11.1974
Why make art?