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Exhibitions/Events Past exhibitions:
1.Los angeles Center for Digital Art 107 West Fifth Street Los Angeles California 90013.Second annual Snap to Grid ,The UN-Juried Show.September 8 - October 1,year 2005.
2.Project:l5-din-a4,Malaga Spain.From 12 January till 26 January 2006.
3.Los Angeles Center For Digital Art 107 Fifth Street Los Angeles California 90013. Winners Show 'Top 40' 2006 year. March 8,7-9 pm
4.Florean museul,PO box1,of.Postal 9,430510Baia Mare Maramures Romania.I've lost Lily's Pictures.Mail Art exhibition 2006.
Email Address figustract[AT]
Address Street:Z.Dizdarevica 12 - B
Country (State):Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nationality Bosnia-Herzegovina
Date of birth
Why make art? Figustract or Unity of Figuration and Abstraction in Painting

Bosnia is a European country.She is to continue 1000 years.We had many victims during the war in Bosnia (1992 - 1995), and it also destroyed a great number of homes and industrial and much of our curtular and historical heritage.
In 1995 I got the inspiration for my paintings. That year (and during the whole war) I saw hundreds of soldiers dressed in masked uniformes, walking on the street of Zenica. The image of those uniforms struck me deeply. Thinking in the context of art I realized that it was an ideal picture. On the one hand it's like the rady made, and on the other, unity of figuration and apstraction; ontology's dualism of representative and ontology's homogeneous presentative of picture.
As the French aesteticer Etienne Souirau said long ago, in signs we have picture of the picture, and also picture which is the presentation of itself. It's clear that the picture of masked uniformes make that figuration, and its contens or different plans makes the apstraction of the picture.
Of course such a picture inspires definited philosophical implications and dilemmas of problematical nature.Of course such a picture inspires definite philosophical reveires and dilemmas. This is because it is a picture that contains and pacifies two up to now uneasy opposites of contemporary art: figurative and apstract, or Aristotelean and Platonic. By purchasing this picture you come into possession of this long course of contemporary art. This aesthetic object sublimates itself with its own being.Pictures are made in two cyclus. A cyclus and B cyclus. A cyclus are projected on method of Juan Gris, in order that is of oval form to make bottle. While B cyclus, to follow way of Paul Cezanne in order that is of bottle to make oval form.Pictures have one's own structure. They are to continue in space and time.