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Paul's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events 2008
World of Wonder Art Gallery

Verve Lounge, Los Angeles

2006 Newspace Gallery

Group      Entertainment Design Gallery, Marina Del Rey, CA
Group    Newspace, L.A., CA

Group    Entertainment Design Gallery, Marina Del Rey, CA  
Group    Newspace, L.A., CA

Group    Newspace, L.A., CA

1996    Artist Wall Painting - Rhino Entertainment, Inc.

Solo    Big City of Things, Video and 12 year retrospective of paintings. Newspace, L.A.

Group    Forty Years of CA Assemblage, Wight Gallery, UCLA
Video    Going, Video - Newspace, L.A., CA - Nov.

Solo    Knotterworks/Video Newspace, L.A., CA - May
Group    Active Surplus, Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art
     49th Parallel, NY, NY (Catalog)  
Review    Muchnic, Suzanne, Los Angeles Times, 6/17

Group    The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
Group    Art in the Hall, W. Hollywood City Hall, CA. Corporate Art Consultants
Award    Gold Medal, 29th International Film & TV Festival of NY

Group    Objectivity, The Kitchen, NY, NY
Group    1986 National Video Festival, AFI, L.A.,CA

Solo    We Are Things Newspace, L.A.,CA

Group    Patty Aande Gallery, San Diego, CA
Group    10th Anniversary Thank You Show, Newspace, L. A., CA

1985 (continued)
Group    The Spiritual In Art, Loyola Law School Art Gallery    
Group    Celebrating Two Decades: UCLA/MFA Recipients, Wight Galleries

Group    Landscape 16" x 24", Quint Gallery, San Diego, CA
Video    We Are Things, Video - Newspace, L.A., CA – Nov.
Video    Enigma, Video - Newspace, L.A., CA – Nov.
Review    Berland, Dinah, L.A. Times, March 24. (reproduction)
Review    McKenna, Kristine, LA.Times, 11/8
Publication    20/20, Portfolio of UCLA MFA’s Photography

Solo    Paul Knotter Patty Aande Gallery, San Diego, CA
Group    Significant Others, Patty Aande Gallery, San Diego, CA
Group    There is No Finish Line, Newspace, L.A., CA
Group    Broad Spectrum Contemporary L.A. Painting and Sculpture
    Design Center, L.A., CA (Catalog)
Group    Money in Art, Newspace, L.A., CA
Group    Drawings, Patty Aande Gallery, San Diego, CA
Performance    Spiritual Consultation in the Artist's Studio, L.A., CA
Performance    Paul Knotter Patty Aande Gallery, San Diego, CA
Review    San Diego Union, Lewinson, David, 4/5
Review    Lugo, Mark-Elliot, San Diego Tribune, 4/6
Review    Pincus, Robert L., L.A. Times, 5/1
Review    Wolf, Leslie, L.A. Weekly, 7/19

Solo    New Work Newspace, Los Angeles, CA
Solo    Pawn Shop 2, San Diego, CA
Group    Contemporary Collage, Extensions, Montgomery Art Gallery
Review    Lewinson, David, San Diego Union, 1/22
Review    Muchnic, Suzanne, L. A. Times, 11/18

Group    LA Times, San Diego State Gallery, San Diego, CA
Group    Betty Asher's Cups. Trinton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA.
Review    Menzies, Neal, "Sampling L.A. Art" Artweek, 2/20
Review    Wilson, William, "Reading Between the Lines", L.A. Times,

Solo    Midtown Newspace, Los Angeles, CA
Group    Drawings: Personal Definitions, San Diego State University, (Catalog)
Review    Drohojowska, Hunter, "Pick of the Week", L.A. Weekly, 10/30
Review    Knight, Christofer, L.A. Herald Examiner, 10/25
1981 (continued)
Review    Lester, Peter, Gentleman's Quarterly, Oct.
Review    Muchnic, Suzanne, L.A. Times, 10/16
Review    Rickey, Carrie, "L.A. Today:Special Section", Art in America

Solo    Attachments Newspace, L.A., CA
Group    New Narrative Painting, Newspace, L. A., CA
Review    Muchnic, Suzanne, L.A. Times, July 11
Review    Wilson, William, L.A. Times, September 19

Solo    UCLA - Master's Thesis - Clubhouse,
Group    Newspace in San Diego, SDSU
Publication    Huginin, James, AfterImage, Nov.

Photographics '76,  University of Central WA, Ellensburg, WA
Performance    The Performist, AZ State Univ., Tempe, AZ

Public Collections  
 Art Museum, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
 Bibliotheque Natl. Dept. Des Estampes Et De La Photographie, Toronto and Paris
California Museum of Photography, UC Riverside
 Centre George Pompideau, Paris, France
 Chemical Bank, NY, NY
 Executive Life Center, Los Angeles, CA
 Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts, UCLA
 Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
 Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA
 The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
 J. Patrick Lannon Foundation – NY, NY
 S.A. Art Collection, Northern Illinois Univ., Dekalb, IL
Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery, UCLA
Publications F.B.I. (Fake Books Ink)
Galleries/Agents Newspace Gallery
Email Address paul.knotter[AT]
Address 825 S, Cochran Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
Nationality United States
EducationUCLA - MFA
Date of birth 05.03.1952
Why make art? I make Art because It makes me.