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Constantinos Kyriacou's artist profile


Constantinos's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events 1998 April- Basel Switzerland.
1998 November- Hilton Hotel, group show, Cyprus
1999 November-Solo Exhibition, Cyprus
2000 May- Fashion Show Miss Universe, Cyprus
2000 October- Fashion Show including designs by
Dolce&Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Romeo Gigli,
Alessandro Dell’ Acqua
2001 February-Haute Coiffure Fashion Show by L’Oreal, in
Paris, Athens, Thessalonica.
2005 February- Inhorgenta, Munich
2005 June- SOFA, New York with The David Collection
2005 October-SOFA, Chicago with The David Collection
2005 December-SIERAAD, Amsterdam
2005 December- Solo exhibition, Cyprus
2006 February- Inhorgenta, Munich
2006 May- SOFA, New York, with The David Collection
2006 November-SOFA, Chicago, with The David Collection
2007 February-Inhorghenta, Munich
2007 May- Group Exhibition, Nicosia Cyprus
2007 June- SOFA, New York, with The David Collection
2008 January- COLLECT, London, with ALTERNAIVES gallery
2008 February - Inhorgenta , Munich
Email Address costas[AT]
Address Argolikou 4
Nicosia 1048
Nationality Cyprus
EducationLe Arti Orafe Jewellery school, Florence
Date of birth 14.11.1972
Why make art? why breath?