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Exhibitions/Events Orna Ben-Shoshan was born in Kibbutz Yifaat in Israel, 1956. She acquired her training as a graphic designer in Tel Aviv.
In 1982 Orna moved with her family to the U.S.A. where she lived for nearly fifteen years. Since her first one person show in 1983 (Lancaster, PA), Orna has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout America and abroad, and won several awards. Her art has been published in magazines and news articles in Israel and the U.S.A.

Orna returned to Israel at the end of 1996, and continues her work at her studio in Raanana. She hold several solo exhibitions a year and wins remarkable reviews. Her paintings are on exhibit in galleries around Israel, America and Europe.

Publications Magazines in Israel
Galleries/Agents Fine Art Vision Gallery - Belleview, Washington
Gallery Tel-Aviv - Israel
Talking Walls Gallery - Israel
Gallery Shwartz - Israel
Email Address orna[AT]
Address 4 Moledet Street, Raanana
Nationality Israel
EducationGraphic design and illustration in Tel Aviv (1977-1980)
Date of birth 29.10.1956
Why make art? My creation is a medium of transferring knowledge about things that are beyond linear time and thinking.
It is a rewarding and elevating experience when I succeed to channel high knowledge through images and create a positive impact on the viewer.