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Exhibitions/Events October 2008 Barcelona
Publications Daniela Mazzotta in Art called "Che". I paint with Oleo. I Enjoy the thickness of it. I love to use recycled materials. I believe any object has a second life on Canvas, as re-borning.

Che is my name in Art, My signature is an active part of any compositions. It has two meanings firstly in Mapuche ( mapu + land, che + people ), the native American Indios from north Argentina & Central Chile in their language Che means "PEOPLE". I use it to remind to myself who we are at all time. Secondly in my mother-tongue it means "what?" in a way to say this is done for you to dream with and if not someone else will.

ZafOArt is my art project an interactive space, where plastic arts as visual, music, design & many more art forms move in one way, I like people and other gamers and artists interacting with my expressions, creating a complete message with infinite possibilities of objects, colours, sounds, materials and natural element's combination all melt in an unique Bubble Being "Artworld" experience.

Textures, materials choice, shapes, chromatic usage and their feeling and impact to our sight as to our touch is my personal mark to any artworks creation and my own prospective and re-elaboration in an abstract key It is all I do, trying no to loose the gesture of spontaneity, keeping away any commercial message, stick to the roots to pure creativity and the pleasure of expression.

My works has been defined very Materico. Even I do not like for nature to stick to definitions or labels, I guess this is the most exact and honest word to describe it.

Che from Italy lived in London from 1995 till 2002 been travelling around the world, I keep seeing my self as a Globe-trotter always ready to start a new Journey.
I settled in Barcelona in 2002, where the project called: zafOArtĀ® began. Since April 2007 Zafoart is Keep evolving and ...Stay tuned...KEST

Arts projects requests and cooperation:
Galleries/Agents GAP Barcelona
ZafOart Barcelona
Email Address che[AT]
Nationality Italy
Date of birth 23.06.1978
Why make art? I observe I smell I think I hear I feel I express...

Keep Evolving Stay Tuned