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Exhibitions/Events RAMON CASTELLANO DE TORRES, is born in Ceuta (Spain) on August 31, 1947.
The being son of an excellent draftsman and of an out-standing painter determines, somehow, Ramon to devoting himself to the plastic arts from very early age.
His already long artistic path has projected it from Moron de la Frontera (Seville), where he resides from 1976, removed always from the big cities.
The critics of art are in the habit of cataloguing it as a painter fundamentally expressionist, but, for his long artistic career and for his, wide fan of styles and cultivated technologies, it is extremely risky to do it so categorically.
His painting passes, from the purest and academic realism, with his marine and urban landscapes, up to the hardest abstract expressionism, with his famous juxtapositions of color, and the elegant and studied composition that he develops in all his works, consequently he would be better to define it as an artist of his(h time, I worry and always seeker of new forms of expression.
Ramon Castellano's painting is sustained on two fundamental props: the composition and the color.
His catalogued work, which overcomes the thousand, is very distributed by the Spanish geography and by the rest of the world, specially in Japan, Germany, Argentina, Cuba and The United States.
Such a quantity of works they could have been conference and admired in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, harvesting many awards that reward his brilliant one and prolífera artistic career.
Publications To the margin of his merely pictorial labor Ramon Castellano, as historian, has written and published, under the sponsorship of the Foundation Fernando Villalón, the following books: " Monuments Historical Artistic of Moron "; " Geographical Notes of Moron "; " Walking along Moron "; " Illustrated History of Moron of the Frontera " and 2 ª extended Edition of " Monuments of Moron ".
Galleries/Agents Ramon Castellano has works exposed nowadays in Galleries of Art as: Artelista, My Gallery, Museum Cross Blacksmith, Artmajeur International Appeases, California - the USA), Arshumana, From the Plastic arts(Sculpture) (Argentina), With the Art, Spectrum, Galleon Hispavista, To liberate Yourself, There cures Society International, Artatoo, GVAES Gallery of Spanish Art, Key Patron (Republic Argentina), Blue Ice, Art Vital, Dynamical Art, Art Today, The Friends of the Art, Art Tract, Empires, Art in Ligne, Álvaro Hernández, DevianART (Hollywood, California, the USA), Gallery Aberta (Oporto, Porugal), Civila, Hispanic World, Your Art, Artede, Digital Consciousness Artis Database, Dotecome (Portugal), Foundation Antonio Segovia Lobillo, Contemporary Matetena Arte, Avisen-Avk Art Gallery (Denmark), Margencero Revista Haystack, Art Enebral, Babele Arte (Italy), The Saatchi Gallery (Your Gallery) of London, Lakewood's Yessy Gallery (Colorado, the USA), EU Art Museum, etc., etc.
His Biography appears already, between the prominent figures throughout the world famous, in:
Email Address ramon[AT]
Address Nueva
41530 Moron de la Frontera
Nationality Spain
EducationThe Geography and History Teacher
Date of birth 31.08.1947
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