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2002  FIG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
 unit d gallery, North Hollywood, CA

2001  Moving Space Gallery, Gavere, Belgium

1998  Galerie Burgi, Ghent, Belgium "Drawings"

1996  Brent Gallery, Houston, Texas

1994  Espace Parallele, Brussels, Belgium
 Moving Space Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (catalog)
 domestic setting, Los Angeles, CA

1992  Moving Space Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (catalog)

1991  Gallery Indeco,Seoul, Korea
 Espace Parallele,Brussels, Belgium

1990  Market Street Gallery, Venice, CA
 Galerija Equrna, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

1989  Lasorda/Iri Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1988  Galerie Wolf, Dusseldorf. West Germany
 Galerija Equrna, Ljubljana. Yugoslavia

1986  Pimlico Gallery, London, England
 Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Whittier, CA

1977  UCLA Frederick S.Wight Gallery, Thesis Exhibition


2008 - Crossley Gallery. Hibrida III at Dean Clough, Halifax, Yorkshire UK – Ian Colverson: Collections, Connections, Collaborations
2007 - Galerie Eugen Lendl, Palais Lengheimb, Graz, Austria - Resumee
Atelier de L’Art Contemporain, Maisonnais, France – Exposition D 'Été [Summer Show]
2006 - Newspace, L.A., CA "3 for the Show” - Paul Knotter, Gary Paller, Ryan Sweeten
 Newspace L.A. Joni Gordon 33 years at Newspace - 1973-2006 "Good to Go"

2004  Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, Italy "Gli Anni '80" (The Eighties)
Fondazione Cominelli, Palazzo di Cisano di S. Felice del Benaco, Italy, "La Collezione di un Principe Eccentrico"
Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. "10th Annual Holiday Exhibition"

2003  Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, Italy "Anni ¬¬'70, '80, '90" (The Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties)

2002  Museum "I Magli" di Sarezzo, Brescia, Italy, "California Dream"
 Galerie Eugen Lendl, Graz, Austria "Papers"
 Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA. "Abstractly"

2001  2001 Juried All-Media - Palos Verdes Art Center. Palos Verdes, CA
 Espace Parallele. Brussels, Belgium. "10 Year Anniversary Show"

1999  University Art Gallery of California State Polytechnic University. Pomona. "Ink & Clay"
 Newspace Gallery. Los Angeles, at the Frankfurt Art Fair, Germany

1998  Espace Parallele. Brussels, Belgium. "Dessin"
 Galerie Burgi. Ghent, Belgium. "Feetsalon"
 BGH Gallery. Santa Monica, CA. "Winter Group Show"

1997  Brent Gallery. Houston, Texas. "Curiosity"
 Moving Space Gallery. Ghent, Belgium. "E-Motion" (catalog)
 De Kortrijkse Shouwburg. Belgium. "Le Chemin"
 LASCA Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. "Drawings"

1996  Museum Van Bommel Van Dam. Venlo, Netherlands. "Beeldding 96" (catalog)
 Historische Stadshallen van Brugge. Belgium. "Project Beeldding Plaats"
 Post Gallery Los Angeles, CA. "The $100 Show"
 Gallery 865 Figueroa Los Angeles, CA. "Prints ‘96"
 Eindhoven, Netherlands. "De Huid Van De Witte Dame"
 Galleria Crossing Portogruaro, Italy - Jill Emery, Pam Longobardi, Gary Paller
 Espace Parallele. Brussels, Belgium

1995  Moving Space Gallery. Ghent, Belgium. "Small Works"
 Boritzer-Gray-Hamano Gallery Santa Monica, CA. "LA Works on Paper, 95"

1994  Cleveland Center of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Ohio "Turning Silver into Gold"
 Espace Parallele. Brussels, Belgium
 Galerie R. Werle. Strasbourg, France

1993  domestic setting at the Project Box Los Angeles, CA
 4U Galerie Bruck An Der Mur, Austria. "Bruck Meets L.A"
 Galerie Damasquine. Brussels, Belgium "Summer Show"
 Espace Parallele. Brussels, Belgium
 1529 Wellesly Ave. Los Angeles, CA. "Just A White Show"
 Moving Space Gallery Ghent, Belgium "A from Alfabet"
 Nina Frost Gallery Santa Monica, CA. "Natural Perception"

1992  Moving Space Gallery. Ghent, Belgium. "Thema Object" (catalog)
 Galerie Wolf. Dusseldorf, Germany

1991  Galerie Wim Vromans. Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Moving Space Gallery Ghent, Belgium "About Perception" (catalog)
 Moving Space Gallery Ghent, Belgium - Line Art
 Espace Parallele. Brussels, Belgium

1990  American Cultural Center. Taipei, Taiwan. "5 LA Artists"

1989  Galerie Lopes. Zurich, Switzerland,. "Werke Auf Papier"

1988  Michael Maloney Gallery Santa Monica, CA,
 Lasorda/Iri Gallery Los Angeles, CA. "Not Your Typical Landscape Show"

1987  Rio Hondo College Art Gallery. Whittier, CA. "Reduced Scale"

1985  Eilat Gordin Gallery Los Angeles, CA. "Ambivalent Images"

1984  L.A. Artcore Gallery Los Angeles, CA. "Wallworks"
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Address Los Angeles, California
Nationality United States
EducationUCLA MFA and BA
Date of birth
Why make art? it's the best thing to do, even if nobody else is interested.