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Artistic Name: di.Lo

Eugenia di.Lorenzo trasforms the material/ structural profoundness of a canvas by applying sculpting caracteristics that come out from the flat surface consenting a visual effect that can be apreciated from different angles of observation. She plays with the brushstrokes left in the nuances of colours, in the powders, the earths and sands harmonized in its textures, offering as a result a tridimentional effect that is meant to reproduce a complex mental, spiritual or emotional mapping effect that can refer to a specific time and space. Elements that are part of our spaces: the reality of matter projected in our dimension of time.

di.Lo’s idea is to create a unique paint-sculptural tridimensional effect through which she launches a hidden message in each trait, it’s a sort of “Contemporary Mandala” which represents an idyllic observation of the cosmos. Bas-relieves as emotional spirals or spiritual reflections provoked from the things that surround us; pathways of thought that travel in and out morphologic vibrations of a natural force that wants to communicate with us, that reflects our universe and extends itself in the ether with its continuous forms, unique because always different.
“Painting opens a channel towards infinity ” (di.Lo)

Eugenia di Lorenzo was born in Rome from a Mexican mother of Spanish origins, and from an Italian father.
The artist actually lives and works between Milan e Forte dei Marmi, Italy.

Her creativity and artistic maturity are a result of a life of continuous travelling and living in different countries.

1974 di.Lo moves with her family to Mexico City, since childhood her drawings strike everyone so much, that at only 10 years old she starts to take private lessons in the Atelier of the renowned Mexican Master of Art Federico Cantù, and later on she continuous in the Atelier of Master Alejandro Creel.

1980 At the age 14 she moves to a Boarding School in the United States, where her Art teacher Cynthia Bauer widens her creative world horizons teaching her ceramics, fire clay and sculpture.
Her tutors agree in one common thing: the talent of Eugenia is a natural gift and in order to aloud her to mature the Artist in her and not fall into common schemes and patterns, the best thing to do is to avoid the contamination of “general studies” by attending the Art Academies: from here on the decision to walk on her own steps as an autodidact, evolving and defining herself into a singular artistic maturity.

1989 Her first exhibition takes place in the Italian Cultural Centre in Mexico City where she wins the prize of “Best Italian emerging Artist in a foreign Country”.

1987-1989 She travels and sojourns abroad in different countryes of Europe, United States, Canada, Tokyo and finally comes back to Mexico to keep on discovering each single corner of the country in search of new inspirations.

1990 She becomes a single parent and interrupts her artistic dream to be a mom. But, she finds a creative way to let out her artistic vein working with colours and shapes that can be tasted and smelled, playing with various elements that all put together become a work of culinary art. She creates the Gourmet Concept “Artistic Moods” and works independently as a Chef in charge of Food Design, unique preparations and original Nouvelle Cuisine specialties for a new concept of banqueting and private events.

1998 She participates in different Collective Exibitions always in Mexico City. But, her first Personal Exhibition takes place in Mexico City in 1999.

Personal Exhibition, Galleria 13 - “Dreamlands” (Mexico City).
El Mitote (Location) - Collective Exibition entitled “Mil y una Lunas” (Mexico City).
Personal Exhibition, Entre Estudio & Galeria - “Inside Soul” (Mexico City).

Personal Exhibition, Out Gallery - “Mundo Onirico” (Mexico City).
Allianza Francesa Mexico - Collective Exibition entitled “La Vie en Rose” (Mexico City).
Personal Exhibition, El Circulo Azul - “Metaphysical World” (Mexico City).

2001 She moves to Milan, Italy.

Personal Exhibition, in the Château de Rudlingen in France.

Personal Exhibition, in the Château de Rudlingen in France.

Personal Exhibition, in the Château de Rudlingen in France.
Participated to the Celeste Art Prize 2005 (Italy).

Personal Exhibition, entitled “Contemporary Mandalas” Château de Rudlingen (France).

Festival della Creatività Collective Exibition “Your Festival” (Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Italy).
Petrartedizioni Collective Exibition (Pietrasanta, Italy).

Personal Exhibition, Art Garden Nippon Milano - “L’Infinito” (Milan, Italy). click on DILO

Torino WORL DESIGN CAPITAL - INARTE Collective Contemporary Art Exibition “Dinamica del Confronto”
(Piazza Castello, Turin, Italy).

NON-STOP: Sanremo - New York Collective Exibition - Ex-railway warehouse “Italo Calvino” (Sanremo, Italy).

MAUI Biennale delle Arti dell’Unità d’Italia Collective Exibition - Museum of Belvedere di San Leucio (Caserta, Italy) Contemporaneously with the Exhibition of the “Tauromaquia” of Pablo Picasso. or direct artist page

Art Party 2008 Collective Exibition - Palazzo Venini (Milan, Italy).

AR(t)CEVIA International Art Festival participated to three different collective exhibitions during the festival -
Mostra internazionale di Mailart c/o Castello di Piticchio, Collective Exibition entitled “Mandala Contemporanei” -
Chiostro di San Francesco + extension of the festival “Le temps retrouvé” - Palazzo dei Priori - (Arcevia, Marche, Italy).

Participated to the Art Prize - “Premio Arte 2008” (Italy).
Participated to the Art Prize - “Premio Terna 01” per l’Arte Contemporanea 2008 (Italy).


10th March - 10 May 2009
Momo (Location) - Personal Exhibition entitled “Métamorphose” (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 23 - Milan, Italy).

21 March 2009
Collective Exibition entitled “Vive L'Amour !” - St.Yrieix sous Aixe, France.

April 2009
APW Gallery Long Island City, NYC - Collective Exhibition entitled “World of Imagination”- (New York, U.S.A.).

April 10th at 5 P.M. Grand Opening reception and Art Exhibit
World Art Foundation headquarters and Grand Gallery
57 Freeway Plaza
Also featuring
“World Art Expo 09”
Brea, Orange County California, USA
Collective Exhibition
June 11-17th 2009
“World Art Expo 09” - Collective Exibition held in multiple locations in Brea, Orange County - (California, U.S.A.).

July-August 2009
AR(t)CEVIA International Art Festival
Palazzo dei Priori - (Arcevia, Marche, Italy).

di.Lo’s Art works are part of Italian and foreign collections.

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Address Milan and Tuscany,Italy

Minimalist Art Works of di.Lo
Unique, Modern, Minimalistic and Mystical at the same time, perfect match for sophisticated design spaces. Please visit my website: check out the minimalist art works gallery or also the site-specific gallery.
Nationality Italy
EducationSpeak 4 languages and consider myself a citizen of the world.
Date of birth 10.04.1967
Why make art? ...Painting is a universal language. Different times and different spaces are combined in a here and now that is everywhere at once.