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Exhibitions/Events Born in Dublin, Ireland, on October 2nd, 1984, Raymond Michael Jordon Doyle, (Raymond Jordon), is a somewhat known but mostly elusive photographer based in Dublin City. Although his work is yet to be reconized by the greater public, he is an artist at heart and is currently working on many small, but personal projects that he hopes will establish him in both the Online Artist Community, and the local Art Scene, with plans to move on from there. Presently working on putting together a good portfolio of work his only setback is his unwillingness to debase his artistic creativeness in order to, as they say, 'get his foot in the door'. In a business where many artists sink, he looks only to himself and close friends to find acceptance as an 'artist', but hopes that some day he will be credited for his work.
Email Address raymondjordon[AT]
Website facebook - RaymondJordonPhotography
Nationality Ireland
Education1 year Music Coarse
1 year Art Coarse
1 year Media Coarse
(all local community colleges)
Date of birth 02.10.1984
Why make art? As the 'artist' I feel I may one day prove myself to be, I am somewhat withdrawn from this world. To live, breathe and to love is all I feel that i need to do. To attempt to create art is a pleasure, yet also a burden. To portray something more than a nice, interesting, or good photograph is a challenge, I presume to all phhotographers, not just to myself. To feel the need to prove myself is one of my greatest fears! To imagine the possibility of not being acepted by family, piers, fellow artists, critics, well, this scares me. To put myself into my work, in more than a literal sense, to me sometimes seems almost impossible. To know that people could see parts of me that I may hide, through my work is frightening to me, but to contradict myself, on the other hand I feel there is no point in making art if each creation does not carry a certain part of the artists self. So, "Why make art?"...? Because there is nothing else I can imagine myself doing.