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LUMINITA's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events Personal exhibitions
- 2010 - MIRABILIS MUNDUS, Green City, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2010 - MIRABILIS MUNDUS, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2009 – TERRAVISION 009, Institutul IRECSON, Bucureşti, România;
- 2008 – TERRAVISION, Galeria Simeza, Bucureşti, România ;
- 2008 – Terravision, Art Museum, Braşov, Romania
- 2008 – painting exhibition at the National Bank of Romania, Braşov
- 2008 – Terravision, Gold Art Gallery, Hilton Athenee Palace Hotel, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2008 – Autobiography in images, The UNA Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2007 – Terravision, Europe Gallery, Brasov, Romania;
- 2007 – Nestatornik 2, (The Sutu Palace), The Town Museum, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2007 – Canadian Visions, The Cultural Centre Zarnesti, Brasov, Romania;
- 2007 – Nestatornik, The Art Museum, Pitesti, Romania;
- 2007 – Nestatornik, The InterPallas Gallery, Montreal, Canada;
- 2007 – painting exhibition, The International Fair of Book & Music, The University of Brasov, Romania;
- 2007 – Hello, Painting!, Chainsaw Europe, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2007 – Nestatornik, Turn BRD-Societe-Generale, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2005 – ‘The personal vision’, The Art Museum , Brasov
- 2005 – painting exhibition, ‘Saint Exupery’, Marseille/Marignane, France
- 2005 - ‘Prolegomenes for Apocalypse’ - graphique at ‘George Baritiu’Library , Brasov
- 2003 – painting exhibition , The Art Museum , Brasov
- 2003 – painting exhibition , ‘Fridrich Schiller’, Bucharest
- 2003 – ‘Transylvan Spirit’, The German Forum, Brasov
- 2003 – ‘Our Inside Greece’, The Cultural Centre ‘Arcus’, Covasna
- 2002 – ‘Apocalypse for 4 Hours’,’Sica Alexandrescu’Theater, Brasov
- 2002 – ‘The Apocalypse’,’Atelier 35’ Gallery , Bucharest
- 2001 – painting exhibition ,’The House of Army’, Brasov
- 2001 – painting exhibition, ‘George Baritiu’Library , Brasov
- 2001 – ‘Fragmentarium – Ephesus’, The Art Museum, Brasov
- 2001 – painting exhibition ,’Baiulescu House’, Brasov
- 2001 – ‘21’ ,International Trade Center , Brasov
- 2000 – painting exhibition, The Art Museum , Brasov
- 1998 – paintings at the Ford Club, Brasov
- 1998 – ‘Singing the Nature’ , ‘Arta’ Gallery, Brasov
- 1997 – ‘Lands and Flowers’, ‘Arta’ Gallery, Brasov
- 1997 – ‘Icons from Barsa Country’, Brasov
Group exhibitions
- 2010 - The Litle Saloon Bucharest, Caminul Artei, Bucharest
- 2010 - ART SHOW ZURICH, Puls 5, Zurich, Switzerland
- 2010 - The Winter Saloon, The Sutu Palace, Bucharest;
- 2009 - "Perceptions of Reality", ICO Gallery, New York, NY, USA
- 2009 - Russian Art Week, Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia
- 2009 – International Exhibition "M.C.A.",Cannes-Azur, France
- 2009 – “Sequences Workshop 1”,The Caminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania;
- 2009 – The district salon, Europe Gallery, Brasov, Romania;
- 2008 – Feminism/Feminity, ShopArt, WTC, Bucharest
- 2008 – “Luminiţa Gliga and her invited, Dana Gliga”, Apollo Gallery/TNB, Bucharest
- 2008 – International Exhibition "M.C.A.",Cannes-Azur, France
- 2008 – ‘The district salon’, The Art Museum, Brasov, Romania
- 2007 – Le Salon de Septembre, Thuillier Gallery, Paris, France
- 2007 – ‘The district salon’, The Art Museum, Brasov, Romania
- 2006 - International Exhibition "M.C.A.",Cannes-Azur, France
- 2006 - Painting exhibition, Art Museum, Mehedinti
- 2006 - ‘The district salon’, The Art Museum, Brasov
- 2005 – International Exhibition ‘M.C.A.’Cannes – Azur, France
- 2005 – art exhibition, Artis Gallery,TNB, Bucharest
- 2005 – ‘The district salon’, The Art Museum, Brasov
- 2004 – art exhibition, The Art Museum, Targoviste
- 2004 – ‘Gaudeamus Book Fair’Romexpo, Bucharest
- 2004 – ‘Le petit salon’, Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France
- 2004 – Japan-Romania Cultural Exchange Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Exhibition Gallery), Japan
- 2004 – International Exhibition ‘M.C.A.’Cannes – Azur , France
- 2003 – painting exhibition , The Romanian Embassy in Switzerland
- 2003 – painting exhibition , The Cultural Center, Busteni, Prahova
- 2003 – ‘Le Monde de la Culture et des Arts (M.C.A.)’,Marseille, France
- 2003 – ‘Accents/Marks’,’Apollo’ Gallery,TNB, Bucharest
- 2003 – ‘Gaudeamus Book Fair’Romexpo, Bucharest
- 2003 – ‘The Art Salon’,’Apollo’ Gallery ,Bucharest
- 2002 – art exhibition , Sofitel, Bucharest
- 2002 – TIAV (The International Fair of Visual Arts),TNB, Bucharest
- 2002 – ‘The graduated students exhibition’,TNB, ‘3/4’ Gallery ,Bucharest
- 2002 – ‘10+1’, ‘Apollo’ Gallery, Bucharest
- 2001 - TIAV , TNB , Bucharest
- 2001 – ‘Expo EDF/UAP Bucharest’, Otopeni, Bucharest
- 2000 – ‘Gaudeamus Book Fair’, Bucharest
- 2000 – ‘Student Fest’, Timisoara
- 1999 – ‘State of Mind’,’Arta’ Gallery, Brasov

Studing trips
Italy, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Danemark, France
Workshops : Horezu (Romania), Venice (Italy)
Work experience
- 2008 – catalogue TERRAVISION in collection Contemporary Artists (44)
- 2005 – catalogue NESTATORNIK in collection Contemporary Artists (27)
- 2003 – ‘Luminita Gliga –Painter’ – C.D. and catalogue
- since 1993 – illustrations for ‘Transilvania Gazette’ and ‘Astra’ magazine
- 1993 – 1999 – illustrations for five children books
- 2009 - Diploma Officiel M.C.A. and The Golden Medal, Cannes, France
- 2008 – Diploma for exceptional performance in visual arts, The District Council of Braşov;
- 2008 – Diplome Officiel M.C.A. and The Silver Medal, Cannes, France
- 2007 – The Honour Diploma, The International Fair of Book & Music, The University of Brasov, Romania
- 2007 – Nominalisation at The Prize for Performance in the Cultural-Artistic Field, the Vth edition, Femina VIP
- 2006 - Diplome Officiel M.C.A. and The Silver Medal, Cannes, France
- 2006 - Diplome de Medaille de Vermeil, Societe Academique "Arts-Sciences-Lettres", Paris, France
- 2005 - ‘Diploma for exceptional performance in visual arts’, Gazeta de Transilvania, Braşov
- 2005 - ‘Diploma of excellency for creativity and originality in promotion Brasov ‘, Inside Communication şi A.F.A.F.C.I.
- 2005 – ‘Diplome Officiel ‘M.C.A.’ ‘ and The Bronze Medal , Cannes, France
- 2005 – ‘Prize Monitorul Expres – Brasoveanul anului 2004’ ,Brasov
- 2004 – ‘Diplome Officiel ‘M.C.A.’ ‘ and The Bronze Medal , Cannes, France
- 2003 – Scholarship for performance in arts’,The Foundation for Regional Development’Transilvania’, Brasov
- 2003 – ‘Diplome D’Honneur et de Prestije – M.C.A.’, Marseille, France
- 2002 – ‘Diploma of Competence’, Forum for New Europe
- 2002 – The National Prize – ‘Arttop’, Bucharest
- 2000 – Prize for painting exhibition ,ITC, Brasov
- 1999 – 2000 – 2 prizes of the Writers Union, Bucharest for children books
Publications Luminita Gliga is a young artist born in a Transylvanian family of creative scholars. She studies at the National Art School of the University of Bucharest , yearly exhibits at the Art galleries in Brasov, the city of her birth and later in Paris, Cannes and Marseilles. Constantly striving for plastic refinements in her work, Luminita succeeded in combining the love of nature with the culture she acquired.
Though belonging to the old symbolist tradition, she combines her work to the modern collage school of design both harmonious and violent combination which range from ochre to black – her painting is at times very colorful and bright but can be dull in her acrylic work. The artist went through different phases, pagan and Christian to Ephesus and mental one to the Apocalypse.
Recently her name has been mentioned in the prestigious review ‘Univers des Arts’ and I wish her future as bright as her work..

Răzvan THEODORESCU – Member of the Academy

Luminita Gliga’s highly elaborate pictorial vision, a vision that is continually refining the varied ways of articulating the constituent elements of the image, is characterized by a marked poetic, almost metaphysical atmosphere, which seems to be stealthily settling into the happy viewer’s consciousness.
The stages of this evolution can be easily recognized, from the minute description of nature, in cuttings and sequences, somehow close to the aesthetics of the so-called ‘Poiana – Marului School’, then turning into ‘gardens’ and ‘mysteries’ that interpret the motif in a very independent way, using lively, glowing colours and then reaching the present stage, focused on another cycle of gardens and half-abstract compositions, which however offer the viewer recognizable holding points, subtly rythmed works, of a very beautiful structuring expression.
These stages – or better called stylistic landmarks, naturally correspond to the formative path covered by the artist , a path constituted of university art studies, visual experiences and travels, all highly important for a crucible where the structure of her coherently constituted personality was moulded, without distortions or breaks that could have endangered her strength and the authenticity of the creative approach.
If metaphorical definitions were to be used, her entire work could be placed under the sign of a journey aimed at finding her deep inner self. At the same time, from a geographical and even spiritual point of view,she travels from a certain northern distance of mysterious but accurate colors towards an Arcadian, Eden-like Mediterranean with forms of relief and vegetation brought to life by the burning sun of the south.
In this manner she succeeds in recreating instinctively and with a remarkable intuition major innovative paths of art. That these shapes and colours, depicted in her work , also have a feature that places them near the Italian ‘transavant-garde’ is a fact that pertains to the elective and selective affinity, characteristic of every artist that has something to say in the maze of assumed or not assumed trends and models of contemporary civilization. In such a labyrinth of confluences, Luminita Gliga follows her path firmly and without hesitation, constantly and obstinately returning towards nature, from which she takes the compositional directions and chromatic relations that her way of interpreting a multi-shaped reality.
We confidently expect her to pursue without any interruptions a path marked by the artistic success and solid artistic signs already achieved.

Gheorghe VIDA

(…) She paints with ease almost anything, from icons to Post-impressionistic landscapes and from portraits to abstract compositions. Remarkably skilled, drawing elegantly and rigorously, she expresses herself with an easily perceptible flavour of techniques and in almost any stylistic range. Most of her paintings in shining acrylic colours suggest an apparently abstract discourse, were the gesture expression, actually very elaborate, seems to free the colour impression into a catching and provocative visual performance, which fits the artist’s perceptible sensitivity and temperament. (…) Luminiţa Gliga achieves a compositional hold, heavily marked by the geometrical structuring of surfaces and shapes. It somehow resembles the diffuse synthetic cubistic manner, interpreted in a personal way, with slight influences from an outstanding painter born in the same town, Mattis Teutsch…

Corneliu Antim
art critic

Luminiţa Gliga holds a special place among the young painters that have appeared in the Romanian culture over the last ten years. With a PhD in Visual Arts, brilliantly defended at the National Art University in Bucharest in 2008 and with a high number of personal exhibitions inside and outside the country, not to forget the numberless prizes and distinctions awarded so far, the artist asserts herself as a high rank personality. Her painting lies on the borderline between the figurative and abstract, between the modern and traditional. It is a painting with marked lyrical accents, practised within the limits of a compositional approach where the chromatic combinations, vigorously separated, are not at all aggressive. On the contrary, the colour accents complete one another within a coherent and more difficult to define whole. Undoubtedly we stand before a work pursuing its perfection in a harmonious way, both unexpected and yet natural in the future.

Professor Gheorghe Achiţei, PhD

Email Address luminitza_ro[AT]
Address The Amzei Place, Bucharest, Romania
Nationality Romania
Education- born in 23rd of October 1975 in Brasov, Romania
- 1995 – graduated The Pedagogic Highschool in Brasov
- 2002 – graduated the National Art University – Bucharest, Romania (main course : painting , prof. Sorin Ilfoveanu)
- 2003 –member of U.A.P. Romania
- 2003 –member of A.I.A.P.
- 2008 – member of American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA)
- since 2008 Ph.D. in Visual Arts at the National Art University of Bucharest (prof.univ. Ph.d. Zamfir Dumitrescu )
Date of birth 23.10.1975
Why make art? Art - shapes and colours - is the way I use to express myself.