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With Claudio Vio one can speak of a painting that seems to come from an ancient murals, executed on the bottom of a wall that has suffered the injury time, and where now the painting has been partially lost, leaving open an indecipherable enigma. The way forward for this artist is partly mental and partly dreamlike. Sometimes the image appears as in a scene, other times it seems on the contrary tend to vanish completely, leaving only a shadow suggests that light signals yet. In these scenes, the harmonics postures of the objects are not so mysterious that in their symbolic value and historical time, as absorbed in a chaste languor, or as if they were decorative evocations that allude to something real precariously, impelled by a puff almost anatomical. Artist of the road, Vio has chosen to apply to a mixed technique, preferring the digital complex, thanks to which his works play on the elements used by cyber simplex. He applies to virtually unreal graphics supports the dust of the sea, oxides and sand in a game and only ever alchemical staff. But before them prepare mentally for the base material which then act to make graffiti, reliefs, carvings, giving light and harmonious space for his thoughts, his dreams, then proceed to the application of colors, creating colors and counterpoints that reveal the composition , giving the whole vibration, unusual and unique dynamically. In his anxiety of mind, however, still not satisfied of this material development, and the whole assembly then spoke again with the computer. It is undeniable that Claudio Vio, Venetian maestro di Venezia, has chosen to live his art in England nostalgic admiration for the ancient painting, turning my gaze to the post-industrial modernity in the second half of the twentieth century. But it is necessary to distinguish between those who look at copying the old masters walking the stylistic and who, as Vio, plays in a completely original, simple and independent from the model style that you chose, a path difficult and courageous. The intelligence of this poetic artist avoids any temptation esornativa fact or fiction, to reiterate the importance of a vision punctuated only by the signs of his post graphic material. His will is obviously not to be swayed by a fascination imitate but to outline a quiet discussion of contemporary images of all, since they are located in a built-in concept as a setting. Its objects, flowers, seem sometimes immersed in an ecstasy ethereal, sometimes permeates luminescence in which the body dissolved in pure shade. But if they present the viewer - by involving them - as if they were wrapped dall'aura reflective of an existential problem without solution, sconfinante perhaps in search of a metaphysical truth ultramundane, on the other hand, stains and indecipherable abstract traits that surround them are signs of an unconscious for the most part unexplored, the expression of a language far from inattuale. It is no coincidence, however, that in more recent trials the object, which the protagonist, finally vanishes. Most are only rough backgrounds, areas to be scratched inscriptions and signs, evidence of admissions that have now consumed their time, as if the wrinkled walls of memory and time it were swallowed up in an empty dark and desolate. Here the space is combined in dramatic tension, where the color is reduced to a pure mixture, and where the light and thoughts pure play their role in a thought made real.
Publications I have refused to exhibit in galleries because art is mine, I thought, my life is mine. And no one else.
Galleries/Agents Venice
Email Address informazioni.vio[AT]
Nationality Italy
EducationRespect for others, always
Date of birth
Why make art? I do not do art, I think and I write my thoughts and I want you to share with me.
I am not an artist, I am a Man and as such I think, and my thought is to take life, and life is color.
Color is the life-blood of our days, and can not exist without the light.