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Sayed Alireza Bahrani
Born: 1986, Shiraz, Iran

Zip: 71787-36169
Tel: +98-711 832 4183
Cell: +98-936 809 6695

o 2005-2010, 'Bsc of Architectural Engineering', Art & Architecture Faculty of Shiraz University, Iran.

o 2012, 'Arrivànt Alphabets', Ehsan Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
o 2010, 'Calligram & Painting’, Shive Gallery, Shiraz, Iran.
o 2010, 'Pop Art & lettrism', Shiraz Be'sat Cultural Center.

o 2012, 'Six Weeks of Iranian Art', 21st September to 2nd November 2012, Queen Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
o 2011, '8th Florence Biennale', 3rd to 11th December 2011, Florence, Italy.
o 2011, 'All the City's Artists', Shiraz, Iran.
o 2010, '3rd Iran Art Festival', Cinema Gallery Mellat, Tehran, Iran.

o 2012, 'Tehran Artexpo’ ', Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran.
o 2012, 2010, ‘Shiraz Art expo’, Shiraz, Iran.
o 2011, 'Art expo Malaysia', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

o 2011, 'Fars Art Week', Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran.
o 2011, 'Trace & Tract', Vesal Gallery, Shiraz, Iran. Collaborating with MS. Haeri, the professor in Architecture & Art Faculty, Shiraz University, Iran.
o 2009, 'Sieving through the weight of Time', Fajr Hall, Shiraz university, Shiraz, Iran.
o 2009, 'Aghaz e raah(Beginning path)', Shiraz university, faculty of Art & Architecture.

Email Address s.alireza.bahrani[AT]
Address No 15, 7th Alley, Musavinejad Street, Farashbandi Avenue, Amirkabir Blvd, Shiraz, Iran.
Nationality Iran
Education2010, Bsc of Architectural Engineering, Art & Architecture Faculty of Shiraz University.
Date of birth 19.07.1986
Why make art? I considered Art to be generally especially game through which the personal, the local and the universal come to play. Providing a space to question and redefine that conversion - become - time that is sense-making.

During my studies and reflections I have come to the following uncompleted notions about the creation of and the moment of genesis in a work of art: I believe genesis to be the fine line between a state of complete revelation of the self through public language and the complete isolation wherein nothing is revealed or produced. The artist thus always risks losing himself in the impersonality of language in the hope of sharing his solitude. But this sharing is what compels him to produce art.

Statement About My Artwork

The purpose of writing this text is neither presenting a manifesto nor a prescriptive guide to reading (using) my paintings.

"Why use letters in a painting?"

The Signifier only manifests itself in the absence of the signified. Not only doesn't a signifier lead us to the signified but, by constantly referring to other signifiers, gets ever further from a signified and enters into a symbolic game.

No true Gemeinschaft cannot be created on the basis of a presupposition - whether it be a humanistic, national or linguistic one- what unites human beings (Dasein) among themselves is neither natural (not using any natural elements e.g. trees), nor phonological, nor linguistic (Worterlich), and not even confinement in a signifying language (word reduction but still using letters) but a knowledge of language limit & its final borders. True Gemeinschaft is only that which has no preposition. My paintings have tried to represent such a Gemeinschaft. Beings who don't recognize themselves as a result of divine or human creation but a fundamental harmony (looking at the painting) and in its own solitude, a sharing in a world created by the painting.