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Exhibitions/Events Fran├žois Mouillard
Is one of those artists whose career is atypical. After receiving
training in IPEDEC (Institute of Decorative Painting in Paris), it
will focus initially on the interior of lavish
apartments of emirs of Kuwait. This first experience, it
to make murals and trompe l'oeil on a large scale
and Roman classical themes he particularly enjoys.
Following this experience, he returned to painting on canvas and begins to
produce several series including "The Pain", "Birds" and "Mythical"
to name them. The series "Melancholy", one of the most
personal according to him, really stands out with other
topics which could disturb, or at least trigger in
the observer of emotions and sensations almost carnal. these paintings
models are torn, ripped or prone to evils disorders
or even frightening. The fact remains that this series demonstrated a
undeniable mastery of pictorial art.
For more information, visit the website of Fran├žois
Email Address francois-mouillard[AT]
Address 11 rue de liberation apt 41
Nationality France
Educationbac professionnel
Date of birth 22.04.1972
Why make art? j'aime faire voyager l'espris