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Email Address alexmucci[AT]
Address Via Lazzaretto, Milano, 20124
Nationality Italy
EducationI have a degree in Aerospace Engineering, but for now I'm working as a professional bartender. In my spare time, however, I love to dedicate myself to my biggest passions: drawing and painting.
Date of birth 17.01.1988
Why make art? The artistic expression is a primary need of men today as in the past, the need is to communicate their emotions through colors and signs. So .... Why make art? The most direct and honest answer, of course, is always: "I do it mostly for myself."
And it is the best, making art is born from an inner need to communicate, to express themselves, a need which develops well before mastering techniques for the purpose. And it is enough to fill any doubt about why you do art. But it is not appropriate to the question of why you do "artist". I create a work for my needs, absolutely true, incontrovertible, but if this can help me also to pay my rent, to justify the fact that I filled my free time to create, it would be much better. I make art for many reasons, why I'm in the game, and I can get in touch with others, and in comparison I can grow, I make art to get it right, seriously, and not necessarily to enter the market, at most to be able to get into market and to afford a kilo of vegetables. My main style is cartoony, realistic and manga: I think that, with the perfection of its bodies, is permeated by great sensuality. Sometimes I experience something more figurative and collage.