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Kurt's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events 2009 Galerie Time , Wollzeile , 1010 Wien

2009 Altes Rathaus Wien , Wappensaal

Im Sommer 2007 Mitwirken bei der Alma Theaterproduktion im Bereich Bau und Thechnik sowie in einer Statistenrolle in dem Stück ALMA mit Paulus Manker

2004 auf Mallorca, Puerto de Antratx,
Art-Domain.Com Gallery

2004 Teilnahme an einer Gemeinschaftsausstellung

in Barcelona in der Galerie SALA BARNA

2004 Schloss Vösendorf

2002 wowo313-kunst-design-multimedia

2001 Galerie Jüttner, Wien

2000 Teilnahme an einer Gemeinschaftsausstellung
„Engelhaftes“ im 3.Wr.Gemeindebezirk

2000 Cosmos-Factory Filmproduktion, Wien

1999 Bank Austria Hietzing, Wien

1999 Schloss Innernstein, Oberösterreich

1998 Schloss Leiben, Niederösterreich

1997 Hotel Biedermeier im Sünnhof, Wien
Email Address phantastica_of-art[AT]
Nationality Austria
Date of birth 24.09.1952
Why make art? Painting as a Dream.

Dreaming images coming from the deep of the soul.

This is the rooth of Kurt Manhart's painting and Vision. This was the idea which was the impulse and the

reason why he started this fascinating creative ....

His idea about the art of painting

"Painting is such an addiction,

which has his verity.

We loose through education, social behaviour, this verity,

loosing in this way our true identity and genuinenness.

Wo paints will never be bored from reality or life, since

he will, till the end of his life, still creating a new world"