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Exhibitions/Events 19-27 Sept 2009- Open Ateliers 2009 Antwerp, Belgium

19-27 Sept 2009 - Cadixroute 2009 Antwerp, Belgium

April 2009 - "Divers Pluimage" Art Festival, Antwerp, Belgium

24 Oct - 7 Nov 2008 - "It doesn't matter" Solo Exhibition, Wilrijk, Belgium

11 Oct 2008 - "LadyFest" Brussels, Belgium

May 2008 - "Divers Pluimage" Art Festival, Antwerp, Belgium

July-August 2007 - Art Process exhibition Sicily, Italy

July 2007 - ArtDublin07, Grafton St, Dublin, Ireland

May-June '07- "'Cause We Don't Own It" Solo Exhibition Dublin, Ireland

September 2006 - St Antonis Annual Art Event, Holland

June 2006 - October 2006 - H-Art Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

May 2006 - 3rd Annual Enable Ireland Art Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland

April 2006 - Solo Exhibition, Schelle, Belgium

April 2005 - Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, China.

June 2004 - NCAD degree show
Publications June 2005 Edition: Sigla Magazine.Ten paintings and article.
Email Address seriouslyhilary[AT]
Address Antwerpen
Nationality Ireland
EducationIndustrial Design NCAD 2000-2004
Date of birth 17.08.1982
Why make art? to satisfy my need to make art (that is my primary reason, if it follows that my art makes the world happy/ passionate/ emotional/ angry/ contented/ inspired then that is all well and good, but it is secondary to my overwhelming need to paint...) NEED ... i don't feel i have any choice to make art of not... i need to...