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Exhibitions/Events Galeria RIVIERA presents A Stroll Thro’ Ulysses, an exhibition of recent paintings by Roger Cummiskey on view May 13 through June 6, 2005. Cummiskey’s new work continues his interpretations into the writings and wanderings of James Joyce and Miguel de Cervantes. In  A Stroll Thro’ Ulysses, however, the artist articulates a search for an individual’s identity stressing difference, solitude, and isolation through the depiction of figures and poetic interpretations

Roger Cummiskey’s use of drawing and painting on paper in watercolour is considered by many to be masterful. He “employs delicate lines that seem to touch the surface – just long enough to form the silhouette, record a bodily gesture, or suggest an emotional expression.”  Neutral pigments become the backgrounds for such depictions, allowing the characters and the relationship that is established between them to suggest that the apparent banality of the situation is actually a platform to reflect on the realities of sameness and difference, through non-narrative moments void of spatial context. Earth elements reappear throughout his oeuvre in the form of objects, backgrounds, clothing or lack of it, insinuating the basic instincts of the Authors in their writings. In the words of the artist, “Sometimes the imaginary doubles as an ideal companion to the reading/re-reading of all or part of the Authors’ works in a modern day setting.”

Roger Cummiskey lives and works in Mijas Costa and Dublin. His latest solo exhibitions “A Stroll Thro’ Ulysses” include The Roxy ArtHouse Gallery, Edinburgh, The Airfield Trust Gallery, Dublin, 2004; He represented Ireland at The Florence Biennale in 2003 also at International exhibitions in Stockholm, London and New York in 1999 and 2000. His works are part of public and private collections in Europe, The United States, Japan and China.  This is Roger Cummiskey’s third exhibition in Spain.

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