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Fred Michiels

°15th of June 1970 Hoogstraten (Belgium)

Address:  Rue Lambot 180/1
   6250 Aiseau-Presles

Telephone:  0032 071 71 19 59


Gallery:    no conclusive contract

Exhibitions:  1991: cc De Warande, Turnhout (Belgium)
   1992: Agfa Gevaert, Mortsel (Belgium)
   1994: Ruimte 9, Antwerp (Belgium)
   1994: Quadrivium , Antwerp (Belgium)
   1995: “Six from nine” Q-gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)
   1995: “Empty spaces”, Ruimte 9, Antwerp (Belgium)
   1996: “Opnieuw een schilder”, Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
   1998: “20 years De Warande”, Turnhout (Belgium)
   1999: “Academie”, Antwerp (Belgium) -catalogue
   2000: “The Reconnoitring Patrol”, Warschauw (Poland)
   2001: “The Reconnoitring Patrol”, Antwerp (Belgium)
   2002: “Bordello”, Antwerp (Belgium)
   2002: “Camping Sanseveria”, Heide-Kalmthout (Belgium)
   2002: “Accrochage”, Annie Gentils, Peter Benoitstraat, Antwerpen (Belgium)
   2003: “Sugar and Spice”, Annie Gentils, Peter Benoitstraat, Antwerpen (Belgium)
2003: “Tempus Arti”, (triennial) Landen (Belgium) -catalogue
   2003: “Autour de Vincent”, Zundert (The Netherlands)
   2004: Monarch-gallery, 8431 Waldrick Road SE Tenino, Wa. 98589 USA
2004: Art-Gallery, Avda.Mateo Bosch, E-07157 Port d'Andratx, Mallorca (Spain)
2004: “K.U.R.K”, CC De Warande, Turnhout (Belgium)
2005: Leuven 3000, Stella Artois, Leuven (Belgium)
2005 : Lyon « Publique/Espace » (France)
Exhibitions:  1990: CBR, Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
   1991: Kluizekerk, Lier (Belgium)
   1993: Gallery Enzo, Antwerp (Belgium)
   1994: ARTsen “Jump”, Antwerp (Belgium)
   1994: Vogeltje, Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
1994: streetperformances in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Oslo and Hamburg
1995: “Empty business”, Londenstraat 21, Antwerp
1995: “Freeedt”, Q-gallery Antwerp (Belgium)
1995: “Fulminatory Landscape” no I & III, Q-gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)
1995: “a painter, Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
1996: “Why am I so grey”, Vooruit-Gent (Belgium)
1997: “Fulminatory Landscape” no II, Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
1998: “Mother”, Q-gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)
2001: “Stay with me like a badly digested meal”, gallery 21, Antwerp (Belgium)
2001: “new photographs”, The Reconnoitring Patrol, Antwerp (Belgium)
2001: “new photographs”, The Reconnoitring Patrol, London (U.K.)
2002: “Reste chez moi comme un repas mal digeré”, Van Blerk, Antwerp
2002: Extramuros, Cultureel Centrum, Strombeek-Bever (Belgium)
2003: “De analogie werd te verward”, ’t OOG en CC De Warande, Turnhout
   2004: “Unintentional Popular architecture”, CC Malle, (Belgium)
   2004: Art in Progress”, De Pinte, (Belgium)
   2006: “Contaminated City”, Cultural Center Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium)
   2006: “Contaminated City”, Brighton (Uk)
   2006: “Contaminated City”, St-Petersburg (Russia)

Publications B**K B 2004
Contaminated City 2005
Galleries/Agents no conclusive contract
Email Address info[AT]
Address Rue Lambot 180/1
6250 Aisea-Presles
Nationality Belgium
Date of birth 15.06.1970
Why make art? Fame in a Frame (2005-2006)

(New paintings by Fred Michiels)

In the beginning, I just followed the normal pattern of the image, but while I was doing that I saw that it came to life more with some “dirt” in it, some deformations. So I choose for my nervous lines and deformation of the object by colour and different layers. It becomes truer like that. And at a certain point I saw that the distortions in some images create a strange new meaning, a weird intelligence you might say. They alter the form and the shape of the image, and give it new overtones. It is by keeping a critical opinion that a certain freedom is gained. In any event, the intention always leads to another result what undoubtedly means that there are other hidden possibilities.

All paintings are acrylic and tempera on canvas and/or on paper, some of them also exist as a mural