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*"Art and Living Heritage" a group exhibition of paintings at Ban Chao-praya, Pra Atith rd., Bangkok,Thailand; 2003 *"ARTERROR " a contemporary happening in art by Korean and Indian artists at Birla Academy ofArt and Culture ,Kolkata, India 2003. *Selected for the National Exhibition 2002 by Lalit Kala academy * Participaed in a Group Show "Young Faces of Contemporary Indian Sculpture" organised by Birla Academy of Art, Kolkata ; 2001 * Double man show "YOU, ME and TIME" an exhibition of paintings organised by Contemporary Art Foundation at College of Education, Srinagar, J&K ; 1998 * One man show of teracotta sculptures, pottery and drawings organised by Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Srinagar ; 1997 * Participated in an exhibition titled "50 Years of Art in Independent India" organised by All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS) and J&K Academy of Art Cultural and Languages ; 1997 * Participated in Annual Exhibition of Art organised by Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Srinagar ; 1994-2000 * Participaed in Group Show organised by Contemporary Art Foundation, Srinagar ; 1995-1999 Awards and Scholarships :
Email Address artistscommune[AT]
Address Bonumsar, Sonwar Bagh,
Srinagar, Kashmir,
J&K India
Nationality India
Date of birth 26.05.1971
Why make art?

" An artists should leave foot prints on time,rather then images on paper "

My ideas and concepts about art are quite simple I belive in the process of creation not in the objects I create ,firstly because the objects have thier own history, space and time which is quite diffrent from mine and secondly I am in a position  to alter  some of the elements in them.On the other hand the process is a strange coincidence which occurs between the artist and the object, in order to create the process a dialouge with object becomes necessary which is not possible if we have assumptions or beliefs. Therefore suspension of all the assumptions becomes an essential element in the process of creation.

During the nine years of art study I almost worked in all traditional materials and also explored the possibility of new and  rather unconventional ones ,for example water and plastic bags.

As I have already explained that  objects are not mere things or pieces for me which are in need of manipulation by me as a so-called artist, but I respect their material manifestaion .This respect may be seen irrational in the present context of rapid mass production and consumerism but  this is the ideals which I have acquired every time I confront a piece of wood or stone .

Let’s  see it this way, a tree which spent thirty or forty  years  in a forest  is  cut  and goes through the process of weathering and other  things when it reaches to my table it transforms into a peice of  flesh I am not  capable of destroying it just for my self-glorification. It becomes necessary to have a dialouge  which eventually is a process.

Most of  my works have a strong relation with the places were they  were created  because the materials  choosen for myworks  often I prefer   from the surrouindgs were they are created and to be installed.There was a time when I liked  to work with power tools  but now I prefer more traditional ways, only in extreme need I opt  for one.