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Simko's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events B.Sc degree in Civil Engineering and self tought better say life tought published artist and writer some of his art shows:
1-have 10 solo art shows in Japan, Korea, Iraq, Europe, and Canada and elsewhere
2- over 50 groups International festivals around the world some of them:
All JAALA biennale at Tokyo Metropolitan museum since 1996 - 2006
Kwangju Biennale 2000 Man+Space at South Korea year 2000
Kurdish art groups in Canada Toronto 2003
Japan & Canada contemporary art exchange show in Chilwak / Canada 2000
15 Artistes show at Stripe house museum in Tokyo 1998

Next show JAALA2006 at Tokyo Metropolitan museum from July 7th-17th 2006
beside painting he has been writing and publishing short stories in Japanese and English language, subjects that are mostly based on real story which he is experienced in his homeland and during his travels in the sad lands for humanitarian aid mission around the world
Publications Newspapers and magazines publications

Asahi Shinmun/ Japan
Asahi News evening/ English  Japan
Umiri Shimbun/ Japan
Art graph/ art magazine in Japan
Tokyo Rose, printed matter / Tokyo
Raku/ Japan
Cross and Talk/  Japan
Playboy / Japan
Japan Pia / Japanese which has over 4 millions readers.
Asahi graph/Japanese magazine
G20 / Japan
Kurdiatani new/ Kurdish
Brayati/ Kurdish
Regai Kurdistan/ Kurdish
New life / from London
Hana/ Sweden
Jilemo/ German
Shabang/ Kurdistan
Korean News paper/ Korea  
Ozgar Politika/ Germany
Hiwa/ Germany
Serdam/ Kurdistan
Canada Time/ Canada
Kurdistan spot/ Netherlands
Jaica Magazine/ Japan
Sardam/ Kurdistan
Sanke shimbun/ Japan
Kyodo shimbun/ Japan
Kurdistan post/ Sweden
Kurdish media in UK



JALLA 2000 poet of Spring never dies
Novel of (Tear of a village), on going expected to be finished in 2004
Novel of (When the moon is crying), just started.
(Two) the book of poem and pictures by Maw (American write) Simko (Kurdish painter)
Some other poets in different magazines.
Short stories of (Sad Lands). (are available on the main page of the site , short stores and interviews)

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sub sites:

Galleries/Agents Place of birth: Kurdistan city of Sulaimania

Career: B. Se Bachelor in Civil Engineering.

Member of art groups:

JAALA  Art association in Tokyo  (Japan afro Asia Latin America art group)

Proletarian art and literature center

Nina acting team

Japanese NGP “Peace Winds Japan”

Email Address simko28[AT]
Address 2-2-4-10B shinjuku, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japan
Date of birth 25.12.1970
Why make art? Art statement
   It is not easy for imaginative flowers of Artists and Writers to grow freely. Yet the slow rain of freedom falls through intervening hardships of civilization and the fertile land embraces all truths. The freedom to express, to hear, to work and create requires we artists to maintain a pure nature so that we can understand nature itself. We need a free tongue to sing a free song. We have to break the chains that shackle our hands so that we can draw our tablets faithfully.
   Art is a humanitarian and colorful message, where conception fingers dance on the vocals of idea, beauty and reality. The artist posts a message into the human conscience with the wideness of conception -- eyes light and love of the human heart travel the right and wide roads of history. If the artist's message is not one of human affairs and the means of freedom and equality, then history's gate is never opened and the artist remains a dweller outside history, blind of the future.
   I believe art is a violin, its substance a bow on the strings of conception. A beautiful symphony cannot be played with wry fingers of dark and reactionary thought, but can with hands that never clap to crime exploitation and never vote for darkness.
   So let all the pretty precious light things spread into the world of real art through fingers which get the sun to throw its rays to human beings FOREVER.