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Exhibitions/Events Exhibitions:

2000 Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery Ankara -  TURKEY
2004 Ilayda Art Gallery İstanbul - TURKEY
2005 Ilayda Art Gallery İstanbul - TURKEY
2006 Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery Ankara -  TURKEY


1995-  Marmaris Poseidon Hotel Duvar Resmi /MARMARİS
1996-“TEM 459” Sergisi- Dam Galeri / ANKARA
1997-“Otobüs üzerine Uygulama” Gölbaşı Belediyesi / ANKARA
1997-"Hacettepe Üniv. Fransız Dili ve Edebiyatı" / Duvar Resmi / ANKARA
1998-“Cumhuriyetin 75. Yıla Armağan” Bilim Sanat Galerisi/ İST-ANK
1998-“Genç Sanat 1” Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkesi /ANKARA
2000-“Nihat Kemankaşlı ile Dayanışma” Seven Galeri / İSTANBUL
2001-“Avrupa Gençlik Festivali” Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi/ ANKARA
2001-“Nesne Ben” Sergisi / Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi /ANKARA
2001-“Kargaşa 1” Sergisi / Kargart Galeri /İSTANBUL
2002-“Yaşamın İçine Yolculuk” Kargart Galeri / İSTANBUL
2002-“Kargaşa 2” Sergisi  Kargart Galeri /İSTANBUL
2003-“Kargaşa 3” Segisi Kargart Galeri / İSTANBUL
2003-“Yeni Yıl Yeni Başlangıç” İlayda Galerisi / İSTANBUL
Publications He was born in 1971 in Balikesir – Turkey. In 1992, he entered Hacettepe University School of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics.  In 1994, he entered the Art Department of the same Faculty. He completed his first wall painting at the Posiedon Hotel’s pool wall located in Marmaris in 1995.  In 1996, TEM 459, a group of artists comprised from both Ankara and Istanbul, opened their first display at the Dam Gallery in Ankara. Between the years of 1997-1998, he completed a bus painting for Golbasi Municipality and a wall paiting for Hacettepe University’s French Language and Literature department.  In 1998, he was invited to the art display entitled “A Gift for the 75th Year of the Republic” and attended this event as the youngest artist.  In 1999, he joined various important mixed displays and graduated from Prof. Dr. Veysel Günay’s art studio. In the year 2000, he opened his first personal display at Ankara’s Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery. In 2001, he published articles titled “Cubism”, “Expressionism”, “Surrealism”, and “Art after War in Europe” in SIYA magazine.  Between the years of 2001 and 2005, he was invited to Kargart Gallery’s traditional “Confusion” displays. Here, he displayed conceptual and vidoart pieces.  Nihat Kemankasli currently carries out his art work in his studio located in İstanbul. Also, he teaches courses such as Basic Art Education, Greek Mytholgy, Graphic Design, and Fine Arts at a well-established Vocational School of Higher Education in various departments (Fashion Design, İnternet Journalism, Public Relations, Radio-Television Programming, Tourism and Hotel Management, Child Development, and Printing Press).

Email Address kemankasli[AT]
Address istanbul / TURKIYE
Nationality Turkey
Date of birth 23.11.1971
Why make art? scattering question ....