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Exhibitions/Events Solo Exhibitions

2006 4th Forest of Time (2times: supported by the space sempio,i-choun, kyunggi/ Gallery WHAN in Seoul, korea)

2004 3rd "The Time to Depth" (supported by the Gallery Biim, Seoul)

2001 2nd "Depth felt on Surface" (supported by the ARTWILL Gallery, Seoul)

2000 1st "The Depth of Time" (Deock-Won Gallery, Seoul)

Group Exhibitions


Fragile Beauty (Primo piano living gallery, lecce,italy)

Work Shop (Kwang Gallery, seoul, korea)

Art & Cook(kwangwhamoon gallery, seoul)


“The Builder”- install work (Gallery KIMI, Seoul) -Awarded in Gallery KIMI            

Competition Prize for Artis
A pain & Cure Space “Deep Place Alone”-install work(the Mun-Hwa Daily News Gallery, Seoul )

"Art Pharmacy”- Sculpture (the Sejong Culture Center, Seoul)


“House worming”-video work (CHO-Hung Gallery, Seoul)

“I am going to the Museum for touching Art”- install work (The Suwon Museum of Art, Gyeonggi)

The Visual Art Festival of YMJINGAK- install work (An observation TONGIl platform, Gyeonggi


Before & After – install work (the Korean Culture and Arts Promotion Fund Gallery Dejeon )

“Where are you?”- install work  (the Korean Culture and Arts Promotion Funds gallery, Seoul)

space relay project  “Same & Difference” –Video work (Gallery Biim, Seoul in 2003)

“Small Area Art & Culture Gallery”-Photo work (Gallery Fish, Seoul )

“A finding hidden picture”-install work (Jebiwool Museum, Gyeonggi )

other exhibition over 20 times
Email Address qkrgptn[AT]
Address seoul korea
Nationality Korea (South)
Date of birth 16.04.1900
Why make art? Work Note
I'm not doing work for showing people. Every doubt & question are occurred by my existence.
"Why am I here?", "Who‘am I?" and "Where am I going?"
My works is to find the meaning of my existence and life.
If you are asking "why it is  so important to me?".

I believe that is the question  when I closed my eyes God will do.

In God's question, I want to find out his expected answer in my life. and I also want others to find their answer by themselves.
Even though the answer of life is hard to find. and there is no correct answer.

So I'm asking same question to people that was already asked by my self.
"Who are You?", "Where are You now?" and " Are You happy this moment?"

I'm thinking my figure, my status and life way through others
And I wish my works & I be their mirror to look themselves.