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Exhibitions/Events Friday, 2/23 @ the Walters Art Museum
6:30 PM, Graham Auditorium, Free
Wham City art collective performance including:
film/music spectacle, "Ultimate Reality" by Jimmy Joe Roche, Dan Deacon, Kevin O'Meara, Jeremy Hyman
music by the Santa Dads
fashion by Dina Kelberman, April Camlin, & Ben Furgal
a new play by Adam Endres
& more???

Illustration for upcoming Santa Dads release, "Anima Mundi", on Wildfire Wildfire Records

Featured comics in the upcoming CATATAC Magazine
Publications Boat, 2006
A, 2005
Boring Things, 2004
Tape Tapes, 2004
It’s Your Lucky Day!, 2003
The Birth of a New Physics, 2003
Everybody Thinks I’m Full, 2002
4-EVER/Rainbow Cup, 2002
I Wish I Had More Sides, 2002
Kwazy, 2001
Fuck Money Comics, 2000
Email Address importantcomics[AT]
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Why make art? I am forced to make art by the government.