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Krzysztof's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events Solo Exhibitions:

1990 Graphic, Drawing, Mala Galeria BWA, Nowy Sacz
Graphic, Drawing, Dwor Karwacjanów, Gorlice
Graphic, Drawing, Galeria BWA, Szczawnica
1993 Drawing, Painting, Mala Galeria BWA, Nowy Sacz
1994 Drawing, Painting, „Galeria 34”, Warszawa
Painting, Galeria „Sokol”, Nowy Sacz
Painting, „Dwor Karwacjanow”, Gorlice
1995 Painting, Galeria BWA, Sandomierz
Painting, Galeria BWA, Nowy Sacz
1996 Painting, Vlastivedne muzuem – „Provincny Dom”,
Stara Lubownia (Slovakia)
1997 Painting, „Galeria Podlaska”, Biala Podlaska
1999 Painting, Galeria „Oranzeria”, Radzyn Podlaski
2000 Painting, „Galeria Podlaska”, Biala Podlaska
Painting, Galeria BWA, Krynica
Painting, Galeria BWA, Nowy Sacz
2001 Painting, Galeria Sztuki „Dwor Karwacjanow”, Gorlice
2002 Painting, Galeria „Jatki”, Nowy Targ.
2005 Painting, Galeria MBWA Nowy Sacz.
2006 Painting, Galeria MBWA “Jatki”, Nowy Targ.
Painting, Galeria MBWA “U Jaksy” Miechow.
Painting, Galeria MBWA Olkusz.
Painting, Galeria MBWA Krynica.
Painting, Zemplinske muzeum Michalovce, Slovakia

Group Exhibitions:

1988 - Polnische Kulturtage, Bremen (Germany), 1989 - Exhibition of graduates of the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow, BWA Rzeszow, 1990 - VIII Confrontacion of the Youngest Artists from Cracow, Myslenice; III All - Polish Triennale of Water-Colours, BWA Lublin, 1991 - Exhibition of Works of Students and Graduated of the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow “Galicja”, Cracow, Salzburg, Wien; III All - Polish Exhibition of Pastel, BWA Nowy Sacz, 1993 - Exhibition “Bialka ‘93”, BWA Biala Podlaska, 1994 - VI Biennale of Sacral Art “Sacrum’94”, BWA Gorzow Wielkopolski, State Gallery of Modern Art Wloclawek; Exhibition of Painting Bojarczuk, Leszczynski, Swider, Potocki’s Palace, Radzyn Podlaski; Exhibition of Painting Bojarczuk, Kulis, Milek, Polish Institute, Stockholm, 1994/1995 - IV All - Polish Exhibition of Pastel, BWA Nowy Sacz, Zakopane, Krakow, Suwalki, Kielce, Poznan, Warszawa, 1995 - Exhibition of Painting, Hothouse of Potocki’s Palace, Radzyn Podlaski; the 50-th Anniversary Exhibition the branch of ZPAP in Nowy Sacz, Galeria Dawna Synagoga, Nowy Sacz; Galeria Pryzmat, Cracow, the 50-th Anniversary Exhibition the branch of ZPAP in Nowy Sacz; Painting Malarstwa Bojarczuk, Chomiczewski, Kulis, Milek, Kociol Artystyczny, Cracow, 1996 - tri plus jeden (Blonska-Zaborska+Blonski+Hascak+Bojarczuk), Galeria Umelcov Spisa, Spiska Nova Ves (Slovakia). 2003 – „Jahodna Art. 2003”, Jahodna, Kosice, Moldava nad Bodvou (Slovakia). 2004 – Roznawa, Spisska Nova Ves, Trencin (Slovakia). 2004 – „Spis Art. 2004”, Kosice, Roznawa (Slovakia). 2005 – „Spis Art. 2004” Lublin, Rzeszow (Poland), Marchegg (Austria)

2003 - JAHODNÁ ART 2003 / JAHODNÁ /Slovakia
2004 - SPIŠ ART 2004 / DANIŠOVCE / Slovakia
2005 - EURY ART 2005 / DANIŠOVCE / Slovakia
2006 - The VI. Academy of Contemporary Art, Carei, Romania
Publications Krzysztof Bojarczuk paintings, 1996,
Krzysztof Bojarczuk malarstwo/malba/painting, 2005
Email Address kkboyar[AT]
Address 33-300 Nowy Sacz, Falkowska 88d, tel. +48 18 447 88 88
Nationality Poland
EducationHe was born on the 10th March 1961 in Radzyń Podlaski. In 1981 year he graduated from the Państwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych (The Arts High School) in Lublin. Between 1983 and 1989 he studied on the graphic faculty of the Arts Academy in Kraków. He received his graduating diploma in a studio of the copperplate lead by the professor Stanislaw Wejman in 1989. He received the scholarship from the Ministry Office of Culture and Arts. He practices both painting and drawing.

Urodzony 10 marca 1961 roku w Radzyniu Podlaskim. W 1981 roku ukonczył Panstwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych w Lublinie. W latach 1983 - 1989 studia na Wydziale Grafiki Akademii Sztuk Pieknych w Krakowie. Dyplom w pracowni miedziorytu profesora Stanislawa Wejmana w 1989 roku. Stypendysta Ministerstwa Kultury i Sztuki. Uprawia malarstwo i rysunek.
Date of birth 10.03.1961
Why make art? He was born in Podlasie and thus he now combines the experiences of the two cultures of the Eastern borderlands of Poland. He has kept the memories of his boyhood in the borderland context but at the same time he is deeply aware of his European heritage being a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, a person who travelled and had contact with the art of the Western European countries. He was brought up on the plains of the nostalgic landscape of his homeland but he has devoted his fate to the hills and mountains of the Nowy Sącz vicinity.
He is a graphic artist and painter. He is both precise and introspective. At the same time open and reserved. He can be very tough when dealing with bussiness matters, however his disposition is romantically subtle.