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Exhibitions/Events Solo Exhibitions

1991 - Solo exhibition in the head office of Sparkasse Leverkusen (savings bank).

2006 - Solo exhibition in St. Martinus Krankenhaus (Hospital), Langenfeld

2006 - Solo exhibition in Reha Deutz (Hospital), Cologne

Assembly Exhibitions

2005 - Kunst im Carrée, Cologne
- Opart, Leverkusen
- Leverkusener Kunstnacht
- Kunst im Zollamt

2006 - Opart, Leverkusen
- Kunst und Küche, Leverkusen
- Leverkusener Kunstnacht
Email Address info[AT]
Address Leverkusen (Germany)
Nationality Germany
Education1983 - Abitur/ Examination (school-leaving)

1986 - 1991 - Study of visual communication at FH Cologne (FB Design) among the professors Heinz Baehr and Hans Buschfeld with excellent examination to Dipl. Designer.
Date of birth
Why make art? I belong to humans, who concern themselves intensively with itself and their environment. Many of my feelings, impressions and thoughts find their expression in my artistic work. They come in such a way to say about form and color to the light. Art is my passion and my task. One may not regard so directly it to mine pictures perhaps that they developed under certain efforts. It is also possible that they work at first sight young, unbekuemmert and perhaps playful naively. Under view of their statements, over which, one states picture titles however surely that some possesses nicely and friendly working work an ironical, critical depth. Graphic symbols have their firm place in visual communication of my works with the viewer.