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Exhibitions/Events LeeRitian is a Chinese Canadian visual artist working in photography, sculpture, installation and performance.

Since 1989, Ritian exhibited both nationally and internationally. He had group shows and solo shows in Canada (Toronto), China and the United States. His many awards and grants include Canada Arts Council, Ontario Art Council, Toronto Arts Council, "Small Works05" by the Attleboro Museum (U.S.A.), and awarded the winning certificate by Art Museum Of Guangdong (China). His works is a part of private and public collections in many countries.

LeeRitian’s works express the modern society and the cultural phenomena. His idea comes from my native language and he devote to combining the traditional and new Chinese cultural symbolism of contemporary context. It also integrates my Chinese heritage with Western post-modernist culture.
Publications LeeRitian’s work has many publications including "MIX " (Canadian art magazine), "NY ARTS" (New York art magazine, "HUNDRED ARTISTS TELLING THEIR OWN STORIES" (Chinese arts anthology), "WEGWAY" (Canadian art anthology), "Art Focus" (Canadian art magazine), "Modern Art" (Chinese art magazine).
Email Address ritian1964[AT]
Nationality Canada
Education1988 Graduated from Lu Xun Academy Of Fine Arts, Shen Yang, China.
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