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Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)

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The Shit

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Bread For Forgetting

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Transit II

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Hands and Knees

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Head (self portrait)

Why Make Art?

Neco Beth replied:

"..About Neco Beth I was born in Chile 1951, as the third of five brothers. My family has always had a close relation to the sea. From very young I knew my life would be dedicated to art. I like to multiply formats and to use different techniques to rediscover - in my personal visual library - images of different expressions in the pre-history of men, mixing or superimposing them in different styles. My investigation in creation is centred in the supporting materials and the colours that call my attention: ochres and oxide reds and also the different movements in modern art. My painting is ethnical and I am an artist to materialise my instincts."

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What do you do after setting up your own website and posting those images for the world to discover your talent?  While waiting for that enlightened day, figure out the true art of the web - the art of communication.  Then strike up a dialogue with the only person who'll ever really understand what you do - another artist.
Artwork Comments

Specchio numero 190  by Teresa Suardi

2016-09-06 17:08

Vederlo realmente e ancora più bello!!!!.. [Goto..]

Café Improvisation #2  by Herminio R. Giménez

Herminio R.
2016-07-13 21:56

Why coffee..? I was always wondering how I could use the left overs of my early morning coffee. I had a canvas ready and decided to experiment with it, one drop or two every day, the result is what you see. The creative process so early in the morning ignited this great feeling of peace, tranquility always accompanied by a piano solo in the background. To me that is a beginning of another day, hopefully a great one... [Goto..]

like a ray of sunshine  by lorenza corpullis

2016-06-14 10:19

Looking at this painting in that room made me imagine that behind the camera the artist and lover actually engaging in a real love scene of their own, in a kind of life reflecting art context (possibly minus the sea and mountains).
Those intertwined hands really make the piece... [Goto..]

sedia rossa  by Nù Metra

2016-04-28 10:52

Don't know why but the environment of a long corridor lit from one side by a bank of windows giving onto closed rooms on the other, has always attracted me. Is it a cloister, a prison, a psychiatric ward? At any rate, whatever's going on in the rooms in this image seems ok to me. The red chair and warmth of the sun win over any threatening aspect the black ink might possess. Should Nú´s description of a space inside refer to her own internal space within, then there is much to discover here, according to this attractive painting. .. [Goto..]

Patience  by Maria Xagorari

2016-02-07 10:52

Thank you JP. Last time I checked it was hanging in a home in Athens. I hope they still enjoy it. They had also bought a painting I considered rather difficult. "The Furries or The Step". I hope they still enjoy that one too.
I am doing rather different stuff now. As soon as i get a free moment, I will be glad to post some studiolog images.
I miss you all, guys...
(If Hillel is listening, I humbly apologise for my delayed answer. I will soon get back to you, my dear.).. [Goto..]

Studio Logs

In the bath (deeper)   Kristina Lycke

Painting?   Kristina Lycke

Gli specchi di Terry   Teresa Suardi

4 canvases   JP Delaney

2016-04-27 14:05

Took this outside today and couldn't believe how amateurish it looks... depressing. [GoTo..]

Presence of a brain   Kristina Lycke

2015-08-30 14:02

Have you ever felt the presence of a brain? [GoTo..]

Studio Log Comments

Painting?   Kristina Lycke

2016-06-21 08:05

grazie grazie, e' strano mi ricorda qualcosa ma non so' cosa, non so quale artista. il disengo mi fa' pensare ad un clown, forse perche' ascoltavo charles mingus, suo album the Clown. Sara' questo il titolo? The clown "who tried to please people like most jazz musicians do, but whom nobody liked until he was dead"
Sono indecisa ora sulla sua completezza o se puo' andare ancora avanti . . . avanti dentro il futuro????? oh my God . . . .  [GoTo..]

Do you wanna build a snowman   Kristina Lycke

2016-06-18 09:26

Thanks for the tip ..... But i still haven't got a title yet ..... Che ansia ....... [GoTo..]

4 canvases   JP Delaney

2016-04-30 11:11

A little bit like forgetting? [GoTo..]

In the bath (deeper)   Kristina Lycke

2016-01-24 11:49

Time to rotate... haha I know that well. I suppose it's an attempt to find a new way of looking at a piece that's already become too familiar, or a way to a lead that will get you out of that seeming impasse.
At any rate, by simply looking at the rotated image I believe that it's possible to see it in it's more technical sense of composition balance, tone, colour and light, and this might point out areas where further intervention is required. Sometimes the work takes off from there and  [GoTo..]

bouncing   Maria Xagorari

2014-08-03 04:39

You can have a look at this, Gigi. [GoTo..]

Forum Comments

I don't think an artists should be removed from the site .I think the artist should have images that they remove from their page as the add more . They should be showing that they have a greater understanding of their own work by removing images. They should demonstrate that they have moved beyond some of their imagers , as they grow in their art process.
The craft of the work is what makes it great . Each dialogue with the world is always personal to the artist . The viewer will come   [GOTO..]

Of course my enthusiasm for Anthroposophy is based on practical experience of Steiner's ideas and new impulses.

I studied Art and Art Therapy in the UK at a Steiner college. I also lived in a village called Forest Row, which has put many of Steiner's ideas into practice. Forest Row has quite a few initiatives, some of which are: 2 biodynamic farms, the first waldorf school in the UK called Michael Hall and Organic architecture, to name just a few...

Having studied Art and Ther  [GOTO..]

Haha Flavius... nobody's come to this forum in the last 500 years! You risk awakening some old ghosts, like myself :o)

Yes I've heard of RS, but personally I tend to avoid any form of collective ideology, however exceptional it may be. Notwithstanding, the few followers of Steiner I've met were likeable, interesting, and smart young people. Two brilliant computer programmers I knew were Steiner advocates.

Rudolf himself probably has had many interesting things to say on Art,  [GOTO..]

The Nature and Origin of the Arts
By Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D.

Let us imagine a great snow-clad plain spread out before us and upon it here and there rivers and lakes hard frozen. The neighboring sea is mostly frozen over close to shore; further out huge floes are drifting; occasional stunted trees and bushes lift heads heavy with snow and icicles. It is evening. The sun has already set, leaving behind the golden splendor of its  [GOTO..]

Has anyone here heard of Rudolf Steiner? He gave many new impulses in many areas. One of these areas is Art. He gave many lectures on art, he was a sculptor and painter too, among million other things. Here is a link where you can find many free books and lectures on art and other subjects:

The easiest way to find more art books is to use the Search button on the site

Peace!  [GOTO..]

Random Forum Post

Random Forum Entry:

Very good idea Anne. I've added the "New to art process?" forum as you suggested.
Perhaps you'd care to try it out?

Many thanks,
/j-p. [GoTo]

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