26 Aug 20 by Ayomide Apena
Story of a great Art veteran.

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This portrait is telling a story of a man named "OKOJIE" he is very hard working and consistent in his work, despite the fact that he is poor he always keeps a smile on his face no matter what. He always say "no condition is permanent" so as an artist I was moved to capture the expression on his face with beautiful strokes of colour.The effect of light on his face intrigues me because I believe the eyes don't lie. The expression on people's faces are not permanent, so I tend to capture the moment of happiness on his face before it fades.

In life don't give up no matter the challenges, just put a smile on your face no matter what because everyday is a "Gift" from God.
Don't waste it.....

Equestrian spirit

Permalink: https://artprocess.com/apena/7029#13328

Equestrian spirit
This painting depicts the strength and intelligent of horses, the strength of an horse can't be compared because they have a pure heart and they are man's best friends.

Horses are intelligent animals with great strength and skills.