09 May 06 by Stig Eklund
Stig Eklund artworks

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At the Edge of the World

Stig Eklund's urban photography seems to be pure documentary, opening a distant eye onto his lonely subjects.

Harbor Light

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Harbor Light
Harbor Light

Eklund's camera lingers on the darkened but captivating details of the city, transforming its citizens into murky denizens while heightening their ethereal demeanors.

Smokestacks at Bergen

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Smokestacks at Bergen
Smokestacks at Bergen

Eklund's camera style is so strong that it can even shroud a street lamp, so that, instead of light, it seemingly emits darkness and shadows.

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09 Apr 08 11:24

I like it ! grat! is it a photo?

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09 Apr 08 11:26

I like it ! great! is it a photo?

Sinister Bend

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Sinister Bend
Sinister Bend

Eklund's vision drapes geometrically, clashing urban beauty with the sooty persona of a Norwegian artist who spends much of the year in a glowering twilight.

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02 Jun 06 05:00

Mysterious and very haunting image - I can almost see a figure emerging from the middle shadow. It looks like an old mezzotint print - it has the atmosphere of a Martin Lewis etching, a US artist who was a friend and contemporary of Edward Hopper.

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27 Sep 07 16:51

complimenti per il tuo lavoro. molto interessante.