Floris Heynsbergen,van
12 May 05 by Floris Heynsbergen,van
Floris Heynsbergen,van artworks

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illusion of space

06 Jun 05 05:00

Floris.. this looks interesting but what are we viewing? Is it a painting, a photo, or an installation? What materials were utilized?
Please give us some additional information to lead us in. (I hope these are fair questions) Thanks /j-p.

My car
My car
My car

Kartonnen auto's als icoon voor de illusie van 't imago. Met betrekking op de illusie van de dingen en de ruimte waarin de dingen hun plaats vinden.

22 Oct 05 05:00

Interesting activity - I'd like to see some more images of this installation.