michael krasowitz
31 Mar 06 by michael krasowitz
michael krasowitz artworks

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Easter Island

A painting of the series I call "mental landscapes", drawn stream of consiously - no preconception before creating the work

01 Apr 06 06:00

Unique,unusual, surreal just beyond focus, and beautifully coloured. A couple of things spring to mind: the works retain a figurative tendency yet seem to drift towards abstraction - have you done non-figurative works?
Secondly, theres so much movement in your paintings that I want to see the rest of the film - have you ever explored animation?
Also these pictures are so big - 2m wide - how long does one of these take you to do? They must look just great in real life.
My compliments for very interesting work.

Psychedelic Blues
Psychedelic Blues
Psychedelic Blues

Matrix of forms interposed with nondescriminate grid pattern

Crown Prince
Crown Prince
Crown Prince

Laticework of imagery on a solid background

16 Oct 08 08:26

Interesting and beautiful works .Canonico

30 Apr 13 18:05

This type of rich & powerful expression of the psychological realm really reaches me, Michael. I'm hoping to see more of these...