31 Mar 06 by michael krasowitz
michael krasowitz artworks

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Easter Island

A painting of the series I call "mental landscapes", drawn stream of consiously - no preconception before creating the work

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01 Apr 06 06:00

Unique,unusual, surreal just beyond focus, and beautifully coloured. A couple of things spring to mind: the works retain a figurative tendency yet seem to drift towards abstraction - have you done non-figurative works?
Secondly, theres so much movement in your paintings that I want to see the rest of the film - have you ever explored animation?
Also these pictures are so big - 2m wide - how long does one of these take you to do? They must look just great in real life.
My compliments for very interesting work.

Psychedelic Blues

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Psychedelic Blues
Psychedelic Blues

Matrix of forms interposed with nondescriminate grid pattern

Crown Prince

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Crown Prince
Crown Prince

Laticework of imagery on a solid background

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16 Oct 08 08:26

Interesting and beautiful works .Canonico

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30 Apr 13 18:05

This type of rich & powerful expression of the psychological realm really reaches me, Michael. I'm hoping to see more of these...