09 May 20 by Rosalinda Occhipinti

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Neighborhood during quarantine

[LINK]“Alive as a lactescent rose" is a photographic project that aims to investigate the universal, magical and mysterious emotion of feeling alive.
All the photographs were taken in my neighborhood and on the balcony during the quarantine.
They depict flowers, hands with gloves that caress them, an enchanted, suspended, strange but ardently desired spring.
It's a visual, solitary diary of epiphanies on an ordinary day.

The desire for human contact, tenderness and beauty is the core of my aesthetic research.

Existence happens to us and for us as a primordial phenomenon of sublime mystery.
Nature speaks to us and communicates its lyricism. Self-isolation is an invaluable opportunity of reflection and introspection. The temporary loss of others and consequently of pieces of ourselves is experienced as a trauma. But time and space cannot have the power to separate us and nature can help us.
It became necessary to transform a frustrating impotence into visionary power, absence in presence, apathy in pathos.
And now, more than ever, we need to see the extraordinary in the ordinary in order to develop a connection, perhaps even deeper than before, with others and with ourselves. We have to take care of us. We have to see the essential and
to dance with our "daimon".

We are as lactescent, isolated roses on a wall at night, so delicate and fragile.
And so secretly bright, radianting dreams of life.