02 Jul 20 by Angelo Ribezzi
international art exhibition in Rome

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After a four-month forced break due to the pandemic, we can finally start again our activity of spreading Contemporary Art, because the artists never stopped ..
It opens on Saturday 11 July 2020 at 6 pm the international art exhibition in Rome "Art Color Passion in Rome" at the elegant location of "Art Gallery Rome" https://www.artgalleryrome.it/ Via di Parione 10 00186 Rome situated in the most beautiful areas in Rome in Rome's historic center near Chiostro del Bramante and Piazza Navona.
Exhibited several artworks,paintings, photographs, sculptures and digital, by artists from fourteen different countries:
Austria; Czech Republic; England; Finland; France; Hungary; Italy; Macedonia; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Spain; Switzerland; USA.

During the opening will be the presentation of the art exhibition by Giuseppina Pecoraro - Art Historian and Art Critic.
Art Color Passion in Rome from 11 July to 23 July 2020 with opening time on Tuesday to Friday from 11 to 19 and Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 20.
Event organization Artists in the World Events Angelo Ribezzi https://www.artintheworld.net/ news@artintheworld.net info@artgalleryrome.it

Artists for Art Color Passion in Rome
Solo exhibition on maxi screen
Luigi Franco Malizia; Paulina Knyziak-Niezgodzka
Mini solo exhibition
Helga Graf; Giuseppe Piacenza; Aranka Székely
Group exhibition
Valentina Anopova; Victoria Arnaud; Maryna Borovska; Leonardo Cersosimo; Gaetano Golia; Renate Hirschmair; Audrey Keenan; Herfriede Konkolits-Fessl; Johanna Levy; Donata Maria Rita Licciardello "LaDy"; Dafne Lopiano; Rosy Mantovani; Fernanda Nobre; Aleksandra Ogórkiewicz "REDHOOD ART"; Attila Olasz; Nina Pauloff; Ilaria Pergolesi; Irena Prochazkova; Nando Ragni; Angelo Ribezzi; Sara Riccieri; Jenni Souter; Slavcho Spirovski; Gabriella Sterzi; Eve Stockhammer; Vicius Art

Video Art Color Passion in Rome presentazione artisti
Video Mostra Personale - Solo exhibition Paulina Knyziak Niezgodzka
Video Mostra Personale - Solo exhibition Luigi Franco Malizia

Artists in the World Events is an art event management company.Creating successful and quality contemporary international arts events and opportunities for visual artists and fine art photographers. We are based in Rome and operating in Europe with artists of all nationalities. Our primary mission is to focus on the development of artists through our art events programme, and membership activities. Artists in the World Events offers to artists of all nationalities the opportunity to showcase their artworks in professionals art galleries located in a centre area of the best cities in europe for arts and culture. The artists can broaden their artistic career and exhibitions background, and connecting and sharing with worldwide people.
Art Gallery Rome is located in the heart of ancient Rome, a few meters from the Chiostro del Bramante and Piazza Navona, number one destination for importance and beauty, in Via di Parione 10 in the Attolico palace, a splendid 17th century palace of the Attolico family.
Its room has been elegantly restored taking care of the exhibition space's details, so as to adequately accommodate the artworks on display.
The Art Gallery Rome intends to be a reference point for the promotion and spread of Contemporary Art by both Italian and foreign artists, thanks to the professionalism and experience of a selected staff.
Our main purpose is to give artists more visibility, providing them with an important showcase in a place very popular with both tourists and residents, with a series of services that characterize a high-level organization.
Arte a Roma Art Roma http://www.romaart.it
Galleria Arte a Roma Rome Art Gallery http://www.romeartgallery.it